The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 332

Chapter 332 I Missed You So My Girl

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Nian Xiaomu felt that something was amiss from the minute she stepped out of the bathroom.

For some reason, the surrounding colleagues were staring at her with peculiar expressions.

At first, she had assumed that she had aroused everyone’s curiosity because she ran into the bathroom to answer her call.

However, she was rudely shocked as well when she saw Yu Yuehan sitting in her seat, let alone the employees of the public relations department!

When she heard what he said, her body reacted faster than her brain.

Without a second thought, she retreated two steps backward.

After that, she took in a deep chilly breath.

Her eyes grew wide. One would believe that she had seen a ghost if they saw the terrified look in her eyes!

What was with him picking her up from work?

Was he crazy?

How could he utter such nonsense? There were so many people herewas he going to take responsibility for tarnishing the reputation of a goddess?

They had merely shared a short kiss. No, that could not even be counted as a kissthey merely brushed their lips past each other. Why did he display a look that seemed to indicate that they had an indescribable relationship with each other

Regardless, the crucial point now was that she was actually so guilt ridden that she couldn’t utter a single word!

The next second, Yu Yuehan pushed her chair away and strolled to her.

As he lowered his gaze and took a glance at her stunned face, he said unhurriedly, “Didn’t you receive Lombardi’s phone call?”

“” What could she say? That she had actually assumed he was the one who was calling her and was so shocked that she nearly dropped her phone in the toilet? Followed by how lucky she was in the end to have her phone back safely, but that she couldn’t pick up Lombardi’s call in time?

“There was a mole in his work studio, and it nearly resulted in a very serious mishap to the collaboration. Lombardi has come over to apologize personally. You will come as well,” Yu Yuehan took notice of her every expression as he explained slowly and calmly.

Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

Just this?

“You, you, you make yourself clear clear the next time!”

Lombardi only wanted to treat them to a meal, so what was with picking her up from work?

Even before the employees in the department could get the wrong idea, she would be the first to misunderstand!

As Nian Xiaomu cursed silently in her heart, she briskly walked back to her seat, packed up her belongings, and followed him out of the public relations department..

They entered the elevator together.

The two of them were the only ones in this small and narrow space.

Just as Nian Xiaomu was still mumbling about why Lombardi had contacted Yu Yuehan first this time around, she suddenly lifted her head up and realized that the man beside her was staring at her.

With that deep and dark gaze, he seemed like a hungry wolf staring at meat!

The image of the both of them in the meeting room ineffably flashed past her mind.

She gulped down her saliva nervously and shrank into the corner of the elevator.

Just when she was racking her brains for a conversation topic to relieve the awkward atmosphere, the elevator reached the designated level with a “ding.”

Nian Xiaomu seemed to have been relieved of a huge burden. As she urged the man who was still standing frozen in place, she said, “Young Master Han, we have arrived!”

Ugh, quickly take the first step.

She absolutely did not dare to walk if he did not take the first step forward.

An illusion of him trapping her in his embrace kept on hovering in her mindif she dared to get out of the elevator before he did, he would pin her against the door frame once they reached the entrance

It was lucky for her that this fear did not stay for long because Yu Yuehan’s assistant walked toward them.

“Young Master, Mr. Lombardi is here. He is currently waiting at the entrance.”

When Yu Yuehan heard this, he withdrew his gaze and strolled out of the elevator.

Just as he stepped foot out of the lobby of the Yu Corporation, the doors to the car parked outside the entrance flung open.

Lombardi wore a gray suit along with a bow tie that had a traditional flower design.

He was a grandfatherly figure with his long beard dangling on his chin. Benevolence and happiness could always be detected from him whenever he smiled.

He gave Nian Xiaomu a tight hug the moment he saw her.

He told her in Italian, “Oh, how I missed you so, my girl!”