The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 333

Chapter 333 Smiling Outside Bitter Inside

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“Me too. I certainly didn’t expect us to meet so soon.” Just when Nian Xiaomu was about to give Lombardi another hug, a hand pressed on her shoulder.

Without batting an eyelash, Yu Yuehan divided the distance between her and Lombardi.

He extended his hand out toward Lombardi and said, “Hello!”

Lombardi could understand simple Mandarin even though he was a native Italian.

He grabbed Yu Yuehan’s hand instantly and shook it with enthusiasm. Then, he followed suit and greeted him in Mandarin, “Hello!”

After some further thinking, he added on, “Sorry!”

After that, he went back to speaking in Italian again. Apart from providing serious explanations for the incident that had happened, he also expressed his sincere apologies on behalf of all the employees at his work studio.

Lombardi spoke at a very rapid speed. When Nian Xiaomu noticed that Yu Yuehan had kept quiet all the while, she assumed that he did not understand Lombardi and quickly went over to his side. Lowering her voice, she translated the content of the conversation to him.

Yu Yuehan shot a glance at her, but did not stop her.

Lombardi knitted his eyebrows in confusion when he noticed that she was translating for Yu Yuehan.

However, he did not mention anything about it in the end.

After a simple conversation, they prepared to get in their cars and head to the restaurant.

Just when Yu Yuehan was about to say something, Nian Xiaomu was one step faster and had already sat down in Lombardi’s car. She waved at him happily.

“Young Master, I’ll sit in Lombardi’s carI can chat with him while driving on the way there!”

She closed the door in a decisive manner right after she finished speaking.

Yu Yuehan: “”

With one car in front and the other at the back, both cars cruised in a straight line on the trip to the restaurant.

In the past, Yu Yuehan would either take a catnap or settle some work while he was in the car.

Surprisingly, he did not do anything today; all he did was lean against the window and stare at the car behind him from the rear view mirror

There would be occasional times when both cars would stop side by side at traffic lights.

He could see the smile on Nian Xiaomu’s face clearly even with the car windows separating them.

The conversation in the other car could also be heard vaguely if he rolled down the car window.

Both of them were in the middle of a fervent conversation; Lombardi seemed to be very happy as candid laughters could constantly be heard

A distinct contrast was formed when it was compared side to side with the lonely atmosphere in his car!

As the assistant gripped the steering wheel with both of his hands, he took a glance behind him and said with a smile, “Young Master, Manager Nian seemed to be very fond of Mr. LombardiI have the urge to head over and find out what they were talking about just from watching the both of them chat and laugh with each other.”

All of a sudden, cold air raided the car right from the moment that he finished speaking.

It sent his entire body into shivers!

The assistant turned around and noticed that Yu Yuehan’s facial expression had turned gloomy.

With a chilly gaze, he stared fixedly at the car that was stopped beside them.

The assistant snapped back to his senses instantly. As he sent a slap to his own forehead, he explained hurriedly, “Actually, I feel that Manager Nian has treated purely Mr. Lombardi as an elder since he is already so old in age. It is a traditional Chinese virtue to respect the elderly and take good care of the young. Yeah, it should be like this!”


Yu Yuehan opened his thin lips and laughed grimly.

The cold look in his eyes did not lessen one bit.

The assistant: “”

The car was on its way again after crossing the traffic light intersection.

However, the pressure in the vehicle was getting lower and lower as a stuffy feeling permeated the air.

The assistant was so stressed that he was nearly unable to straighten his neck.

Grabbing onto the steering wheel tightly with both hands, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able tolerate it any longer and that he would run away by abandoning the car.

It took him a great deal of effort before he finally made it to the restaurant alive!

The car that was following behind them arrived shortly after they got out of their car.

The car door opened.

Nian Xiaomu was the first to step out of the car. As the assistant stole a glance at Yu Yuehan, who stood beside him with a peculiar expression, he got ready to call to her.

However, he saw that Nian Xiaomu had bent over again as she reached out to support Lombardi and helped him get out of the car.

She even took the initiative and linked her arm with his arm after Lombardi had gotten a firm foothold!