The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Master Han Was Blessed

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The assistant trembled from head to toe!

Turning to look at Yu Yuehan, his young master’s face was expectedly as black as the bottom of a pan.

The glaring stare that he was shooting at Lombardi could almost zap off that arm!

The surrounding chill could be felt by the people standing a few feet away.

After a few seconds, Nian Xiaomu finally recalled that Yu Yuehan was right there. Turning around with a blank expression, she asked, “The reservation has been made, Master Han. Don’t you want to go in?”


Hearing her words, Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered.

He sauntered over to her and removed the coat that he was wearing. Then, he handed it over to her and said, “Hold it for me.”

“Okay.” Nian Xiaomu released Lombardi’s arm and took the coat from Yu Yuehan with two hands before breaking into a frown.

“It’s chilly today. You’ll catch a cold if you don’t wear a coat. Put it on first and take it off in the restaurant.” Without waiting for Yu Yuehan’s reply, Nian Xiaomu helped him put his coat back on.

Just as if she were looking after a child, she even helped him adjust his collar.

As there was a height difference between them, she had to balance on tiptoe as she stood in front of him.

After she was done smoothing out his collar, she stepped back in satisfaction, clapped her hands with a smile, and said “Done.”

Seeing the wide smile on her face, the frosty aura from Yu Yuehan dissipated without a trace

Lombardi watched the entire scene unfold as he stood by the side. Then, he jokingly said, “Master Han is so blessed to have married such a good wife.”


As soon as Lombardi spoke, Nian Xiaomu’s body froze as a streak of panic flashed past her face.

Then, she recalled that Yu Yuehan had said that he only understood basic greetings in Italian, so she heaved a sigh of relief when she figured that he would not have understood what Lombardi said.

Just as she was about to clarify with Lombardi, Yu Yuehan said, “Translate for me.”


“Translate what Lombardi just said to me.” There was a flash of light in Yu Yuehan’s eyes as he calmly repeated his instruction.

Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

Was it too late to pretend that she did not understand the Italian language?

Seeing Yu Yuehan’s expression, she knew that he would not enter the restaurant to have dinner if she did not translate it for him.

Nian Xiaomu cleared her throat and put on a brave front as she threw a glance at Lombardi.

After confirming that his Chinese interpreter was not with him, she proceeded to reply to Yu Yuehan.

“Mr. Lombardi complimented you on your good looks. He thinks that you look like someone who is very blessed in life.”

“Is that so?” Yu Yuehan raised his brow.

His penetrating gaze made Nian Xiaomu feel afraid of being found out, so she quickly added, “He also said that you will definitely marry a good wife in future!”

“Is that so?” Yu Yuehan tilted his aloof face slightly as he broke into an ambiguous smile. It seemed like he believed what she was saying.

Nian Xiaomu was trying to catch her breath when he nonchalantly spoke up again.

“Then did he say who my wife will be?”

“Ahem!” Choked by her own saliva, Nian Xiaomu looked up in horror.

She tried to confirm that she wasn’t hearing voices, then shook her head wildly.

“No! He didn’t say anything!”


“You must be joking with me, Young Master. How would Mr. Lombardi know who your wife will be? He was just complimenting you.” Afraid that Yu Yuehan would continue to question her, Nian Xiaomu reached out to hook his arm and pulled him to walk away with her.

“It’s too cold outside. Let’s continue to talk inside!”

Not wanting to expose her little lie, the corners of Yu Yuehan’s lips lifted as he watched her flushed face that was filled with guilt.

His eyes fell on her hand that was holding on to his hand, and his spirits were lifted immediately!