The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 335

Chapter 335 All The Best

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The small group then entered the restaurant together.

Lombardi was someone who loved Chinese culture. Apart from delicious food, he was very interested in other elements related to Chinese culture as well.

As such, they had booked a comfortable room with a screen outside the room instead of the usual private room.

In this way, they could enjoy the peace without getting disturbed, yet avoid dampening Lombardi’s dining spirit at the same time.

The moment they sat down, Nian Xiaomu passed the menu over to Lombardi and introduced the specialty dishes in Italian.

Yu Yuehan was again disregarded.

The tension in his face that had finally eased had the tendency to act up and return to its previous chilly state

His assistant standing at the side was prostrating in fear just by looking at them.

He could only send hints to Nian Xiaomu by throwing continuous stares at her.

Manager Nian, don’t just attend to Lombardi. Young Master Young Master is still around!

“Executive Assistant Yang, are your eyes feeling uncomfortable?”

Assistant: “!!”

Manager Nian, I don’t think I will be able to save you Good luck!

An unknown period of time later, after Mr. Lombardi had ordered his food, Nian Xiaomu finally seemed to have thought of something as she lifted her head up and took a glance at the space beside her.

The man who sat beside her was sipping his cup of tea in a leisurely manner.

Not a single emotion could be detected from his calm and composed face.

However, a chilly look could be observed from his expression

She snapped back to her senses and tightened her grip on the menu in her hand!

If she asked him what he wanted to eat now, wouldn’t she be making a confession without duress and indirectly admitting that she had forgotten about him just now?

However, if she didn’t ask him at all and passed the menu directly to the service staff she would die an even uglier death!

What to do, what to do?

The reminder from Executive Assistant Yang was too subtlehow could she detect that anything was amiss from just a meaningful glance!

Nian Xiaomu struggled for a few seconds. In the end, her fists relaxed as she raised her hand and called for the service staff.

The assistant was so shocked that he nearly stood up from his seat when he saw her actions!

He had never ever witnessed anyone who dared to order food in a restaurant directly and bypassed his boss’s opinions in the process.

She totally did not take Yu Yuehan seriouslywasn’t she obviously seeking death?!

The assistant twisted his head around and saw very clearly that his boss’s face had already turned so dark that it looked just like an impending storm.

Silently, he shifted his chair further awayjust in case the innocent bystander was implicated

“I want to add a few more dishes to the current order.” Nian Xiaomu passed the menu to the service staff and continued with another round of orders.

“Not too fatty for the red braised pork. It would be best if it can be braised for a longer period of time”

“I’ll get one more of the wild grouper. I want to have it steamed so that the freshness of the fish can be retained”

“This one as well, and I want an order of this These are all the favorites of our Young Master!”

Three additional dishes appeared on the order sheet the moment she finished speaking.

She had personally seen Yu Yuehan eating these dishes before, although they were neither unique nor expensive dishes; hence, she knew that he would not completely reject eating them even if he did not especially love eating those dishes.

Nian Xiaomu only looked at Yu Yuehan with a face full of sincerity after she was done ordering.

“Young Master, is there anything else that you want to add on?”


Yu Yuehan’s gaze flickered. At this point in time, the dark clouds had significantly cleared from his face the moment he heard that Nian Xiaomu had accurately listed out his preferences; it was a stark difference from the gloomy look he had just a second ago.

As he placed the teacup down, a smile crept up from the corner of his lips.

Opening his thin lips, he said, “The host must accord to the guest what he likes. We will follow what Mr. Lombardi likes.”

“” Nian Xiaomu stared blankly.

Yes, he was the host, but she was not.

Who told him to misconstrue it as “we?”

What Lombardi said previously flashed past Nian Xiaomu’s mind once again.

Her face turned a blushing red unknowingly.

As she passed the menu over to the service staff hurriedly, she picked up the teacup and took in a big mouthful of tea in a rush.

“Careful, it’s hot!”

However, Yu Yuehan’s reminder came a little too late.

Nian Xiaomu had already sucked in a mouthful of tea. The next second, she spit all of it out!

It happened at the exact moment when she turned her head around to look at him