The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 336

Chapter 336 The Only Person Who Was Qualified

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The entire mouthful of tea was spat right onto Yu Yuehan’s chest!

His white shirt was instantly drenched and soaked in the green color of the tea

Yu Yuehan: “”

Nian Xiaomu: “”

The air in the surroundings came to a standstill.

Even Lombardi and the assistant, who were seated at the same table, were shocked and remained in a daze for a while.

Their gaze shifted from Nian Xiaomu to Yu Yuehan.

Seeing his drop-dead gorgeous face turn darker and darker, it seemed like he was about to strangle Nian Xiaomu to death at the dining table

Finally, Nian Xiaomu was snapped back to her senses by the frostiness around her.

She swiftly stood up and pulled out a piece of napkin to wipe off the tea on Yu Yuehan.

“Young Master, I didn’t do it on purpose It was a bit hot, and then you reminded me too late. That was why” explained Nian Xiaomu incoherently.

“Are you blaming me?” Yu Yuehan enunciated every word slowly.

Every word seemed to be forced out of his throat.

Nian Xiaomu: “”

She would not dare to!

Seeing the stains on his chest, she felt a strange sense of relief in her heart.

Luckily there was a height difference between them. Otherwise, the mouthful of tea would have been spat right into his face.

His face might have been splattered with her saliva now

When she thought of this, Nian Xiaomu immediately shook with fright!

While she instructed the service staff to get a towel, she hurriedly continued to clean the shirt for him.

Then, when she saw that there was some tea on his pants, she proceeded to lower her hand to dab it dry, but her hand was gripped and halted.

She instinctively looked up and noticed that the expression on Yu Yuehan’s face looked strange.

He looked upset, but not really angry. It was just that his face was flushed.

Even his earlobes were a bit red

Holding her hand tightly and not letting go, he spoke slowly and said, “You don’t have to wipe anymore. I have spare clothes in the car. I will go get changed.”

His voice sounded a little coarse.

After saying that, he quickly flung off her hand and turned to leave.

From the look of his hurried footsteps, it did appear that he was angry.

The assistant rushed forward to follow behind him.

At the dining table, there were only two people left.

Nian Xiaomu’s expression turned glum as she watched the man walk away. Her hand was still in the same position as it was when it was flung away by him.

It did seem like he was really angry with her.

When Yu Yuehan did not come back after a long while, Nian Xiaomu felt a strange sense of despondence.

After chatting a few words with Lombardi, she kept staring at the entrance of the restaurant.

She had not realized that her posture was like a woman pining for her husband

When she turned her head back, Lombardi was already reading the newspapers out of boredom.

Nian Xiaomu was startled by what she saw and asked, “Can you read Chinese?”

“I can’t understand Chinese. I was looking at this photograph. I know this person.” Lombardi passed the newspaper to Nian Xiaomu and pointed to the photograph in the article.

Nian Xiaomu took a look at it out of curiosity and recognized the person immediately. He was the young man who had caused a commotion among the female colleagues earlier today.

She remembered that his name was Fan Yu.

Nian Xiaomu read on and saw that that was indeed the name printed in the papers.

“Are you close friends? I heard my colleagues talk about this person,” asked Nian Xiaomu instinctively.

When Lombardi heard her question, he replied with a nod, but then immediately shook his head.

Nian Xiaomu looked on in confusion.

“I have met him a few times and we have worked together before. In a way, we know each other, but I can’t say that we are close.” Lombardi took a sip of tea before he continued speaking, “He is very outstanding, a very rare talent.”

“” The look in Nian Xiaomu’s eyes was filled with curiosity. Just how formidable was this person whom Lombardi was showering praises on?

“If we were to liken Master Han as a born leader in the commercial world, Fan Yu would be the only person I know who is qualified to challenge him!”