The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 338

Chapter 338 His Temper Is Atrocious

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She looked down at the teacup in her hand and then turned to look at the table.

On the table, she could see her own teacup placed firmly in its original position.

Then the one in her hand was Yu Yuehan’s!

Nian Xiaomu tightened her grip around the teacup as her entire body turned to stone.

After a long while, she silently put the teacup down.

Just as she was going to pretend that nothing had happened and ask the service staff for another clean teacup, Lombardi spoke out in jest, “The two of you have a very good relationship and even share the same cup of tea.”


The situation only got more awkward!

Nian Xiaomu was a bundle of nerves and almost knocked over the teacup in front of her. She hurriedly called for the service staff, but before the service staff could respond, Yu Yuehan had already poured some tea into the teacup that she had just drunk from.

Then, he placed it in front of her and asked coolly, “Do you want more?”

“” How was she supposed to reply?

This seemed like a trap!

If she were to say no, it would seem like it was beneath her to use his cup. However, she had just drunk from it.

If she were to say yes, then it might make them look like they were in a romantic relationship.

Lombardi had already mistaken the nature of their relationship. If she were to continue to use his cup to drink tea, how was she going to explain herself later on?

Furthermore, if both of them were to use the same cup, wouldn’t that be as good as indirectly kissing?

Ah! Ah! Ah!

She couldn’t think about it anymore. Otherwise, she was going to be poisoned by it!

It was only one cup of tea after all. Perhaps he did not put too much thought into it. He was merely showing concern that she had choked and, out of kindness, poured some tea for her.

Yu Yuehan did not understand the Italian language, so he did not know what Lombardi had just said.

He definitely did not do it on purpose.

Nian Xiaomu calmed herself down, then took the teacup from Yu Yuehan’s hand, but did not dare to drink from it.

Looking up, Lombardi’s misunderstanding was clearly even deeper now.

His sparkling old eyes were flickering with a nosy streak of light.

“My lady, quickly tell me how the two of you got to know each other.”

“ Well, well I had gone to the hospital to visit a friend. Then, I accidentally bumped into him, and that’s how we got to know each other,” Nian Xiaomu muttered nervously as she held the teacup in her hand.

As she spoke, she eyed Yu Yuehan cautiously.

Although she had spoken the truth, why was there such an uneasy feeling within her?

She had originally intended to clarify to Lombardi that they were not in that kind of relationship.

However, he suddenly used his cup to offer her a drink of tea, so now she had no idea how to explain their relationship

She felt that if she were to say that there was nothing going on between them, it would look like she was dumping him.

Yet, if she were to admit that they were dating, it seemed like she was taking advantage of him.

Nian Xiaomu was just glad that Yu Yuehan did not understand the Italian language. As long as she could satisfy Lombardi’s curiosity, the matter would be over once he returned to Italy!

“Mr. Lombardi, don’t you love Chinese food? Let me recommend a few more delectable dishes to you”

Nian Xiaomu grabbed the menu and tried to order more food, but Lombardi held her raised hand down.

“No need. We already have enough food on the table. Right now, I’m more interested in your story. If it is not too personal to ask, could you tell me about your love story?”


“A good love story can inspire new designs. Furthermore, the two of you are extremely outstanding. A perfect match between a boy and girl.”


What perfect match? Mr. Lombardi, you have misjudged us.

The person in front of you is more like a wolf or a leopard.

One look from him is enough to make a person’s mood change from summer to winter.

Thinking that Yu Yuehan would not understand a single word anyway, Nian Xiaomu could not resist taking a jab at him. “He is not as perfect as you think he is. His temper is atrocious!”