The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Rejecting On The Outside Full Of Anxiety On The Inside

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The chilly look in Yu Yuehan’s eyes disappeared completely with a swoosh all because of the sentence that she had just said.

He stared fixedly at her with his dark gaze.

It seemed like he was planning to see through her entire body and right into her heart

When Nian Xiaomu noticed that he was standing still without moving, she pursed her lips as she grabbed his hand and checked on his wound.

“Luckily, the cut wasn’t deep” she mumbled softly. Lowering her head, she blew on the wound softly before using a napkin to gently wipe away the blood from it.

It was as if she were holding on to a fragile piece of treasure with that gentle and cautious action of hers.

Gentleness permeated through her every action, and she was fully focused on whatever she was doing.

For some unknown reason, the sulky feeling in Yu Yuehan’s heart disappeared as well.

As for what she had said to Lombardi just now

“Alright, the bleeding has stopped. However, the wound must not come into contact with water and you have to disinfect it when you get back later” Before Nian Xiaomu could finish her sentence, he had already collected his gaze, pushed her away, and proceeded to sit in the car.

He instructed the assistant to drive off.

“Yu Yuehan, you” Nian Xiaomu wanted to say something more, but the car had already started to drive off right in front of her.

She was hopping mad.

“Such a temperamental man! I hope your wound will hurt like mad!”

The Yu Corporation.

The design exhibition was a success. During the last event, Lombardi attended the exhibition along with his team, making the popularity instantly hyped up to its maximum.

Almost every media company had reported on this project.

A joyous atmosphere filled the public relations department.

The staff members in the department were discussing about the number of employees who would attain the year-end award. With an evening dress in hand, the secretary bypassed them and entered the manager’s office directly.

“Manager Nian, this is the evening dress that was tailored for you. It was delivered just a moment ago. Would you like to try it on and see if it fits you?”

“Evening dress?”

Nian Xiaomu was looking at some copywriting papers. When she heard what the secretary had said, she looked up at her with a confused look.

She had not reserved any evening dress.

The secretary recalled that Nian Xiaomu had just entered the Yu Corporation not long ago and explained immediately, “Oh, it goes like this: City H will organize a grand business ball during the end of every year. The manager of the public relations department has usually been the one who accompanies Young Master Han to the event.”


So, this meant that Wen Yadai had always been the one who accompanied Yu Yuehan to the event previously?

It did not look like the evening dress was her size either.

The secretary was aware of her doubts and added on quickly, “The evening dresses were all custom-made in advance. As such, the evening dress was made for Manager Wen’s size because she was still around previously when the order was sent to the tailor. After you have tried it on, if it doesn’t fit you well, I will send it back for alterations immediately.”

All of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu’s heart was filled with jealousy when she heard that Wen Yadai was the one who had accompanied Yu Yuehan to balls in the past.

She totally was not in the mood to try on this dress the moment she heard that it was originally tailored for Wen Yadai.

In addition, because Wen Yadai was the manager of the public relations department, it was also possible that she was the one who had established the practice of the manager of the said department attending balls together with the President.

Yu Yuehan had not spoken to her ever since the meal with Lombardi the previous day.

Why would he have thought of asking her to go to the ball?

She reckoned that he might immediately request a change in companion the moment that he recalled that she was the new manager of the public relations department.

What was the point of trying on the evening dress

Just when Nian Xiaomu was silently pondering if she should tell the secretary to take the evening dress away, she noticed that there was someone else standing outside her office.

“Executive Assistant Yang, why are you here?”

The assistant walked in with a smile the moment he heard her voice.

“I heard that the public relations department had just received the evening dress that was custom-made for the ball this year. I am here to specially inform you that this evening dress will not be used. The president’s office has already sent an order for another two dresses to be tailored, and they will be sent to you directly when ready.”