The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Trouble Befalling Even While Staying At Home

"Really? I had thought that Young Aunt was so eager to take over the role of the matriarch of the household that you agitated her on purpose," Yu Yuehan raised his brows and replied in a cold voice, so cold that it was comparable to the chilling winter wind.

He appeared to be simultaneously strict, but not angry, as the words drifted past her ears.

Matriarch Yu was approaching the old age of 70 years old, and she suffered a huge blow because of the illegitimate son who appeared right before Old Master Yu's death.

Her health deteriorated very quickly as a result.

The doctor had made it clear that she needed to recuperate and that she should not be provoked.

That was the reason why Yu Yuehan had not informed her about Xiao Liuliu's car accident.

However, he had not expected that the news would manage to make its way to her!

"I am innocent. Mom, hurry and explain to Yuehan on my behalf. I really did not do it on purpose..." Cheng Xiulu switched out of her glamorous look and turned to seek help from Matriarch Yu.

Tears started to form the moment she spoke.

Matriarch Yu glanced at her for a split second and knitted her brows immediately. "Okay, the both of you should speak less. Can't you allow my little sweetheart to eat in peace?"

With a wave of her hand, the butler proceeded to add another set of utensils, and she motioned for Chen Xiulu to sit down.

"..." Cheng Xiulu clenched her fists, unhappy that she had been lectured. At the thought of Yu Yuehan's presence in the room, however, she stayed still and dared not burst out in anger.

She sat down slowly.

As she scanned the dining table, she soon set her gaze on Nian Xiaomu, who was sitting beside Xiao Liuliu.

"This is...?" asked Cheng Xiulu, who acted nonchalant as a look of surprise flashed past her eyes.

Despite noticing that Yu Yuehan and Matriarch Yu were both reluctant to answer her question, she continued on, "I heard that Xiao Liuliu has an extremely professional nurse by her side. She even calls her nurse Pretty Sister and loves her very much. Could she be the one?"

The butler replied her respectfully upon hearing her question, "Yes, she is the one. Her name is Nian Xiaomu."

"Nian Xiaomu..." Cheng Xiulu repeated her name frivolously.

Suddenly, she slammed her pair of chopsticks on the table and chided, "Butler, are you a dotard? You actually had the nerve to change the rules set by the Yu Family's ancestors without permission!"

"... Madam, I did not," the butler explained with wide eyes, dumbfounded by the scolding.

"And you are still denying it? Then who is she? Why did a nurse appear at the Yu Family dining tablesince when was this allowed?" Cheng Xiulu pointed at Nian Xiaomu and lectured the butler arrogantly, just like a nasty person who had obtained a license to kill.

Before the butler could reply to her, Cheng Xiulu shifted her gaze toward Nian Xiaomu.

"And you, do not depend on Xiao Liuliu's affection for you and assume that you can have your way in the Yu Family. Although the Matriarch has aged, I am still around. It is not up to you to mess around and fail to abide by the rules!"


Nian Xiaomu had indeed gained a first hand experience of how trouble could still befall even while staying at home.

Was this "Young Aunt" crazy?

Why had Nian Xiaomu become a evildoer who damaged the country and caused suffering to its people when she had not done a single thing?

Xiao Liuliu was also badly stunned by the sudden lecture.

With a pair of wide eyes, she had forgotten to swallow the mouthful of rice in her mouth.

"Have you had enough?" A streak of impatience flashed past the space between Yu Yuehan's eyebrows.

"Yuehan, I know that you dislike what I just said, but your grandfather set the Yu Family rules right at the beginning when he was still alivethey cannot just play around the rules like this. Nian Xiaomu cannot be allowed at the dining table no matter what!" Cheng Xiulu stared fiercely at Nian Xiaomu; it was as if she would not let the matter rest if Nian Xiaomu did not get up.

When he heard this, Yu Yuehan's face grew solemn.

Just when he was about to say something, the person sitting in front of him stood up suddenly.