The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 350

Chapter 350 It's My Honor

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Nian Xiaomu swept a glance at the address on the document.

She was currently the manager of the public relations department; she couldn’t just watch helplessly as the Fan Corporation poached their important clients away from them.

“Assign them their work for today. Besides that, continue to focus your attention on the people from the Fan Corporation, and let me know immediately if there is any news.” After Nian Xiaomu instructed the secretary, she turned around and entered her office to finish up her work.

She carried her bag and left the office once it was time to clock out from work.

Based on the address that the secretary had given her, she hailed a taxi and headed directly to that Japanese restaurant.

Worries started to fill her mind the moment she alighted from the car.

Generally, people would choose to book a private room for an important business meeting.

However, she did not even know which private room Fan Yu and President Luo were in. Furthermore, this place looked huge; it wouldn’t be possible for her to search every room one by one.

The moment Nian Xiaomu entered the restaurant, the service staff asked her politely, “Hello, how many people?”

“I am looking for someone.” Nian Xiaomu turned around and shot a look at the rotating sushi belt inside, but she did not see any familiar figures.

The next second, her eyes lit up when she caught a glimpse of the magazine that was placed at the entrance. It was one that featured Fan Yu on the cover page!

Reaching out, she grabbed the magazine and passed it over to the service staff.

“This is my friend, but I am unable to contact him. I know that he is having a meal here, but it’s just that I am unsure which private room he booked. Could I trouble you to lead me to him?”

With Fan Yu’s features, she was very sure that none of those who had seen his face would be able to forget what he looked like anytime soon.

Sure enough, the service staff member smiled brightly the moment he heard her inquiries and said, “Oh, so you are Mr. Fan’s friend. He didn’t book a private room. Instead, he is sitting in the booth over there. However, he made it clear that he does not want to be disturbed.”


Twisting her head, Nian Xiaomu looked toward the direction that the service staff member was pointing.

Beside the rotating sushi belt, there were numerous booths that were segregated by bamboo fences.

The artificial bamboos were leaning against the windows and looked immensely exquisite.

However, even though there was a certain level of privacy over in those seats, it was not as secure as a private room after all.

Why were they seated there?

After Nian Xiaomu had gotten information about where Fan Yu was at, she thanked the service staff member despite her lingering doubts. After that, she walked in the direction of where they were seated.

As expected, through the gaps of the bamboo, the two of them could be seen seated in the booth when she approached the area.

Pausing in her steps, she lowered her head to sort out her emotions before heading up to them.

She pretended to bump into the two of them and said, “You are here for a meal as well, President Luo?”


President Luo’s face went into a trance instantly; he seemingly had not expected to bump into Nian Xiaomu at this place.

Quickly, he stood up and shook hands with her before introducing her to Fan Yu, who was beside him.

“Young Master Fan, you might not know her since you have just returned to the country. This is Manager Nian from the public relations department of the Yu Corporation.”

After President Luo finished speaking, he turned around and made an introduction to Nian Xiaomu as well, saying, “Manager Nian, this is Young Master Fanyou should have seen him at the ball last time.”

Just like a harmless little rabbit, Nian Xiaomu greeted him with smiles all over her face.

“I had the honor of meeting you once, but I certainly did not expect that we would meet again here. Since fate has brought us together, why don’t we have a meal together?”

As Nian Xiaomu finished speaking, she took the initiative to pull a chair out and sat down.

A sweet smile hovered on her face all the while.

A crafty ray of light flashed past her animated eyes.

Wasn’t Fan Yu trying to poach their important clients away?

Well in that case, she would not be leaving.

She would sit here and watch how he planned to poach her client away, right in front of her face!

The air seemed to freeze for a split second.

Just when President Luo was about to say something, Fan Yu’s gentle voice sounded and replied, “It is my honor to be able to have dinner with Manager Nian.”