The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Putting On A Show Intentionally

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He had agreed to it?

A look of astonishment flashed past Nian Xiaomu’s face.

However, this look was quickly hidden away.

Lifting her head up, she sized up the man in front of her seriously for the very first time.

Even though his handsome looking face was not on par with Yu Yuehan’s bewitching look, he was still considered a top-notch lady killer.

One would definitely drown in the illusion of his gentle gaze whenever he looked at someone with his dark brown eyes.

His white suit seemed to be custom-made for him; it was warm and gentle, yet at the same time, it maintained a sense of nobility.

His actions were graceful without the slightest indication of being deliberate.

Even though she had sounded him out intentionally just now, not a single bit of anger showed on his face, and he dealt with it calmly.

This man

It was as if his gentleness truly came from within him.

Since Nian Xiaomu had taken such a long time to size Fan Yu up, he was certainly aware of it. Closing the menu, the corner of his mouth curved up and he said, “Manager Nian, you seem to be very interested in me?”


Getting caught while peepingthis was embarrassing.

At this point in time, she would of course pretend not to have heard anything!

Nian Xiaomu grabbed ahold of a menu at lightning speed. Flipping it open in a flurry, she started to order her food.

As long as there was food around, Nian Xiaomu would gladly surrender her sense of presence.

They would have their own chat while she would have her own meal.

Neither party would hold the other up.

However, during the meal, she realized that both Fan Yu and President Luo seemed to be old acquaintances.

At the very least, both of them had definitely gotten acquainted with each other long before they knew of Nian Xiaomu.

Their topics were not related to the collaboration either; it was just a casual chat between two friends who seldom got to see each other.

Was it because she was around?

Right, President Luo was her client after all. If Fan Yu really wanted to poach her clients away, he wouldn’t do it right in front of her.

He must be putting on a show intentionally so that she would let her guard down!

After they were done with the meal, Nian Xiaomu beat Fan Yu to it and initiated by asking, “President Luo, did you drive? Should I send you back?”

Determined, she would not give her enemy any chance to spend alone time with her client; she would stifle all these possibilities in the cradle!

When President Luo heard this, he stared blankly for a while before saying, “Nope, I took Young Master Fan’s car here.”

They had already exited the restaurant as they chatted on.

Fan Yu’s car was parked a few steps away at the front.

It seemed like he was prepared to send President Luo back.

It was no wonder he wasn’t in a rush to talk about business during the meal just now. As expected, he had a backup plan!

The sky was turning dark.

The cold wind whistled along the roadside.

Just like a cat on a hot tin roof, Nian Xiaomu was worried sick as she stood there and stared at President Luo, who was already seated in Fan Yu’s car.

The next second, she pulled open the door to the front passenger seat without any hesitation and sat right down!

She had already put on an extremely weak and delicate expression before Fan Yu could say anything. As she stared at him with a helpless look, she said, “The weather is so cold, and it’s so dark now. It wouldn’t be safe for a girl like me to take a cab. I don’t believe that Young Master Fan would mind giving me a ride, right?”

“I don’t mind.” Fan Yu’s dark brown pupils flickered as a look of connivance flashed past his eyes.

After that, he sat down in the driver’s seat unhurriedly.

However, he did not drive off even after waiting for a while.

Just when Nian Xiaomu was about to ask him what was the matter, his arms suddenly stretched in her direction. Before she had the time to react, he pulled her seatbelt across and prepared to buckle it.

The two of them were very close together.

So close that it was to the extent that she could even hear the sound of him breathing as well as absorb the natural and fresh smell of his body

“I can do it myself!” Nian Xiaomu was quick to return to her senses and fastened her seatbelt on her own without demur.

After that, she shrunk toward the back cushion of the seat and lengthened the distance between the two of them.

As Fan Yu collected his gaze, he did not say anything either and quickly started the engine.

The atmosphere was very lively throughout the entire journey.

Soon, they were approaching President Luo’s place of residence.

After they sent President Luo home, only the two of them were left in the car. Very quickly, the atmosphere changed