The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 354

Chapter 354 I Forgive You

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Beep!All of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu’s cell phone rang. Subconsciously, she took it out and swept a glance at it.

The screen of the cell phone showed an unknown number as the sender of the text message.

Only one lone sentence was shown when she tapped the the message: [This is my number.]

A very gentle vibe permeated through these few simple words.

Instantly, it made Nian Xiaomu think of Fan Yu, who had just sent her home.

Could it be him?

He was prepared to poach her clients away just a moment ago, but he was sending her a text message now. Wasn’t he too rampant?

Moreover, how did he get ahold of her mobile number?

A string of questions flashed past Nian Xiaomu’s mind. In the end, all of these thoughts accumulated, and she erupted with a word, shouting, “Hypocrite!”


Yu Yuehan’s hand stopped moving. With his hand resting on her head, he lowered his gaze quietly and swept a glance at her to show his displeasure for being scolded with neither rhyme nor reason.

Nian Xiaomu shuddered all over. Grabbing his hand, she hurriedly explained, “I am not referring to you. I am actually scolding Fan Yu!”

“Fan Yu?

Even though Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows, his attention was focused on the arm that she was grabbing onto.

Her fair-skinned little hand was very soft, as if there were no bones in it.

She looked very adorable with that nervous look on her face as she tried to explain things to him.

Her puffed up cheeks when she was angry looked very adorable too.

Her features were very adorable as well.

It was the first time he was unwilling to shift his gaze away from someone.

“It’s too cold outsidelet’s talk after we head in!” Nian Xiaomu had absolutely no idea that she had become a “cutie pie” in the eyes of a hungry wolf and was still fuming with rage whenever she thought about everything that had happened earlier on in the day.

She grabbed Yu Yuehan’s hand and headed straight into the living room of the villa.

Just when they entered the living room, Yu Yuehan paused in his steps and pulled her toward him.

A gloomy look appeared on his handsome face as he asked, “Did you meet Fan Yu today?”

“I was still alright before this, but just the mention of it makes me angry. Even though Fan Yu looks gentle and refined on the outside, did you know that bad ideas are running through his mind! He actually harbored thoughts about me” The look in Yu Yuehan’s eyes had already turned chilly even before Nian Xiaomu had finished her sentence.

His eyes grew slightly larger.

The next second, he heard her continue cursing, “He has the choice of stealing clients away from other departments, but why did he insist on poaching clients from the public relations department? Of course I wouldn’t allow him to prevail!”

Poaching clients?

Very quickly, Yu Yuehan recalled that his assistant had mentioned this to him earlier in the day: The reason why the Fan Corporation was in a rush to create a foothold in City H was because they were vying for clients with the Yu Corporation.

However, Fan Yu had not managed to gain any advantages so far.

He had no serious intentions of fighting hand to hand with him either.

He seemed to have other objectives in coming to City H

“Yu Yuehan, are you even listening to me?” Nian Xiaomu had raved endlessly the entire time, but suddenly realized that the man in front of her was in a daze. Reaching out, she clenched her fist and landed a punch on his chest.

She wasn’t quite happy even after punching him once to vent her anger; just when she was about to land a second punch, someone grabbed ahold of her hand.

“Didn’t you mention previously that you liked Fan Yu very much, saying that he has a great temper and personal character” Yu Yuehan spoke in a sarcastic tone.

He pulled her to the sofa and sat down.

Reaching out, he patted her on the head and said, “It is easy to make mistakes when you are so young. I forgive you.”

Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

Why did she have a feeling that she had suddenly turned into a wife who was unfaithful to her husband?

Moreover, why did she have no idea that she had sat herself in Yu Yuehan’s embrace?

Nian Xiaomu got a rude shock when she met the gaze of this man. His eyes were brimming with a predatory look!

Just when she was prepared to run away, he had already pressed her against the back cushion of the sofa. As both his hands supported the sides of her body, he said, “I am listening. Continue to scold him.”

“Scold I’ve finished scolding. I am going to go back and sleep” As he drew near Nian Xiaomu, she was so nervous that she stuttered when she met his handsome face.

The corners of his lips curved up, and he said, “Just in time. I am sleepy as well.”