The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Battle Of Wits Battle Of Bravery

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Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

What did he mean by this? Was he thinking of sleeping together with her?


Intimidated by fear, Nian Xiaomu pushed him aside with a single wham as she turned around and ran toward her room at lightning speed.

She shut the door forcefully with a loud slam!

As the saying goes: “If know the enemy and know yourself, you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.”

Nian Xiaomu started to check up on Fan Yu’s personal information the moment she entered the office the next morning.

He had made his name overseas and had created many miracles after stepping foot into the business industry at a tender age.

The foreign media were all full of praise for him.

However, there was very little information about him.

It was only known that there were some changes in his household when he was in his teens, hence they moved away from their original place of residence.

Afterward, he took over the family business in advance. Step by step, he became an outstanding figure in the business industry.

All of the information about him was retrieved from news reports on the internet.

There was nothing special.

However, his tastes and preferences were listed very clearly.

He likes the color white.

He likes to drink red wine.

Internet users had even taken a screenshot of him on an interview show where he mentioned that he likes to moon-gaze.

Resting her hand on her cheek, Nian Xiaomu spent the entire afternoon researching, but ended up empty-handed.

On the bright side, Fan Yu had not taken any action yet, so she still had time to find out about him slowly

This went on for days on end.

Nian Xiaomu placed all of her attention on work. However, nothing had happened after she stayed on guard for a few days.

“Manager Nian, this is the work arrangement for today.” The secretary entered with a document in hand and placed it on Nian Xiaomu’s office desk.

Just when the secretary was about to take her leave, Nian Xiaomu called to her and asked, “Is anyone still closely watching the Fan Corporation?”

“Yes, I heard that they were still privately contacting the important clients of our company. However, none of the clients that our department is handling were contacted,” the secretary replied in relief.

There were bound to be frequent acts carried out by the Fan Corporation during this period of time.

As long as the Fan Corporation did not target the public relations department, they could be less tensed up compared to the other departments.

Nian Xiaomu heaved a sigh of relief as well when she heard that Fan Yu was not poaching her clients away and said, “You may go and work on your assignments.”

The secretary quickly took her leave.

Nian Xiaomu was the only person left in the manager’s office.

Just when she flipped her documents open and was about to take a look at them, the secretary, who had just exited her office not long ago, walked in hastily again.

Looking like she was panicked and in a hurry, she said, “Manager Nian, we just received news that Fan Yu has scheduled a meet up with President Chen from Sheng Da Science and Technology!”

“Who did you say it was?” Nian Xiaomu leaped out of her seat.

President Chen from Sheng Da Science and Technology had very deep ties with Wen Yadai.

It was said that the Chen family and the Wen Family had a friendship that spanned several generations.

The previous project that they had collaborated on was clinched so easily because Wen Yadai had personally handled the job.

Even though Nian Xiaomu had taken over the project afterward and had also completed it very nicely, it was difficult to ensure that President Chen would not feel resentment toward her once he knew that Wen Yadai had left her job.

She was originally thinking of having a good chat with President Chen after they had confirmed their collaboration for the next quarter of the year.

She hadn’t expected that Fan Yu would look for President Chen at this point in time!

“Where is the venue of their meeting?” Nian Xiaomu reached out to retrieve her coat as she asked.

“We have not managed to find that out.”

“What?” Holding a coat in one hand, Nian Xiaomu paused in her tracks and looked at the secretary in astonishment.

The secretary said with an awkward look on her face, “The Fan Corporation seems to be guarding against us after what happened last time. In particular, Fan Yu’s whereabouts are getting harder and harder to track.”


They couldn’t be blamed for that.

Due to Fan Yu’s identity, it wouldn’t be easy for others to tail him unless he wanted to reveal his whereabouts.

Nian Xiaomu couldn’t do anything about this either if he was meeting another person today.

However, if that person were to be President Chen

The corners of her mouth lifted up into a confident smile as the number that she dialed went through