The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 356

Chapter 356 Who Is He Looking For?

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In the president’s office.

It was quiet in the spacious room except for the sound of flipping pages.

Looking regal and fine, Yu Yuehan sat at his work desk and skimmed through the documents that he was holding in his hands with an indifferent countenance.

Then, the expression on his face grew darker.

The assistant, who was standing next to him, gulped nervously as he explained, “Master Han, there is only this much information that we managed to uncover. The Fan family has lived overseas for many years. They rarely invested in the domestic markets. According to an internal source, the decision to enter City H this time was entirely Fan Yu’s decision.”

“Reason?” Yu Yuehan demande an answer as he closed the file in his hands.

The Fan Corporation had always focused on international markets and was very successful in their businesses.

For them to take the risk of returning to the country was rather inexplicable.

Yu Yuehan had known Fan Yu for a long time.

Nian Xiaomu was right about one thing regarding Fan Yu. While he appeared gentle and refined, and civil to everyone around him, it was clear to the people who have interacted with him before that it was a superficial kind of friendliness that he displayed.

Aloof and distant. This was the true personality of Fan Yu.

“Fan Yu convinced the board that he wants to expand the market share of the corporation. That is why he led a team back here and left the overseas markets in the hands of the vice president.” The assistant stopped and appeared to hold back some of what he wanted to say.

He hesitated for a few seconds before he added, “I found out that since the beginning of last year, Fan Yu started to travel all over to explore new markets. Prior to this, he had been in Italy and was in touch with the Lombardi work studio. There is actually a reason as to why he is back this time!”

“Go on,” Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed as he instructed the assistant to continue reporting his findings.

“Someone said that Fan Yu was doing all of this just to look for a person,” said the assistant.

Taken aback, Yu Yuehan muttered, “Looking for a person?”

“Yes. Someone witnessed Fan Yu looking disappointed when he mistook a person for someone else in the street. It seemed like he was searching for someone,” the assistant respectfully reported.

“That’s all?” Yu Yuehan furrowed his brows.

What did it mean that he had mistaken someone else for the person he was looking for?

For Fan Yu to react dejectedly, the person he was looking for must be very important to him.

“Did you find out who it was?”

“We could not find out. Fan Yu has always been friendly and maintained cordial relationships with the people around him. However, he does not have any friends that he is very close to, so there is no way to find out more. Furthermore, all this information is only hearsay and might not be accurate.”

In the business field, it was common to harbor mutual suspicion and deception, and there could be sudden and perplexing changes.

It was impossible to verify the authenticity of some information.

“Disseminate this set of information to the respective department managers and instruct them to make arrangements on their own.” Yu Yuehan handed the file over to the assistant as he delivered his orders.

“Also send word out that we will hold a board of directors meeting to discuss our global development plans.”

Whether or not Fan Yu was eyeing the Chinese markets, his absence would surely affect the Fan Corporation’s performance in the overseas markets.

It was just as well that Fan Yu was here to vie for a share of the domestic pie with him. It would be a mutual welcome gift for Fan Yu!

“Yes!” The assistant took the documents and hurriedly left.

Sitting at his desk, Yu Yuehan lifted his hand and checked the time.

It was almost noon and time for lunch.

The image of Nian Xiaomu’s adorable face appeared in his mind, and his lips curled into an indulgent smile.

Pressing the button for the office intercom, he said, “Inform the public relations department to ask Manager Nian to send me the report for this month.”