The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 357

Chapter 357 We Will Not Stand On Ceremony Then

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On the other side.

Nian Xiaomu had found out through Chen Zixin where Fan Yu and President Chen had arranged to meet. Bracing herself for the cold outside, she left the Yu Corporation office.

Hitching a cab, she hurried to the restaurant.

When she arrived at the restaurant, Chen Zixin was already there waiting for her.

Seeing her get out of the car, he strode over to her.

“I checked it out, and this is where Fan Yu has arranged to meet with my dad. They are in Room 8 and have only just entered the place. We will be in time if we were to go in now!”

As he spoke, he led the way into the restaurant.

Since they already knew the exact location, it took little effort to find President Chen in the private room.


When Chen Zixin opened the door and saw Fan Yu seated opposite President Chen, the expression on his face darkened even before Nian Xiaomu said anything.

“Dad, I have already said that I disagree with changing our business partner. Manager Nian is my good friend. She is very competent, and with her, our collaboration will only get better!”

While Chen Zixin was young, he had a strong mind of his own.

Ever since he returned from abroad, he had taken over many projects that Sheng Da Science and Technology was working on.

If he raised any objections toward any matter, even President Chen had to reconsider the decision.

This was also the reason Nian Xiaomu had invited him to come.

President Chen might harbor some biases against her because of the issues regarding Wen Yadai.

He might not want to listen to what she had to say, but he definitely would take his own son’s words seriously!

As long as she could grasp an opportunity for negotiation, she had the confidence to convince President Chen that the Yu Corporation was Sheng Da Science and Technology’s best collaborating partner!

“You brat! Is this how I taught you to behave? What nonsense are you blabbering in front of our guest!” President Chen’s good-natured face became stern as he chided his son.

Then, his gaze landed on Nian Xiaomu, who was standing behind Chen Zixin, and a flash flickered in his eyes.

The look on President Chen’s face was hard to describe with words.

Taken aback, he shot a glare at Chen Zixin!

After a few seconds, President Chen awkwardly turned to look at Fan Yu and apologized sheepishly, “I’ve failed in raising my son properly. Master Fan must think poorly of us.”

Clad in a dashing suit, Fan Yu took a sip of his tea as he sat in his seat. “President Chen Jr. is very much like you, President Chen. It’s indeed like father, like son. Why would I think poorly of you?”

Fan Yu’s expression was calm, warm, and did not appear displeased at all.

Turning to look at Nian Xiaomu and Chen Zixin, he suggested, “Since the both of you are here, would you give me the honor of having a meal with you?”

“Master Fan, that isn’t a good idea” President Chen was about to decline the invitation, but Chen Zixin had already pulled Nian Xiaomu over.

“We will not stand on ceremony then!”

Chen Zixin pulled a chair out and plopped down on it.

Reaching out for a cup, he poured a cup of tea for Nian Xiaomu. “It’s too cold outside. Drink some tea to warm up your body.”


“Don’t worry. My dad’s words do not count. I will not work with any other company besides the Yu Corporation.” As Chen Zixin placed a cup of tea in front of Nian Xiaomu, he purposefully raised his voice when he spoke.

Hearing this, President Chen’s face turned black as he roared, “You brat! I’m still very much alive!”

“Dad, I know that you have strong ties with the Wen Family and feel caught in between this time. However, we cannot mix together personal and work matters. We have had a very smooth working relationship with the Yu Corporation, but now you want to change the person in charge? How will you answer to the colleagues who have worked hard on this project?”

Chen Zixin was rarely so serious when he spoke.

“Furthermore, without Manager Nian’s help, Shangxin would not have become our spokesperson in the first place. It’s not the Chen family’s style to burn the bridge after crossing it.”