The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Make An Example Of President Su To Warn The Other Errant Clients

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Hesitating at first, the secretary then replied, “No. The Fan Corporation does not seem to have any intentions of snatching our clients at the moment. However, I did hear that some of the clients in our department have approached them to seek collaborative opportunities.”

The Yu Corporation was the top corporation in City H. The extent of the scale and depth of the industries that the company was investing in was mind-blowing.

Many clients depended on the stability and strength of the Yu Corporation to establish their footing in the industry.

Yet now, they were tempted by the bigger gains before their eyes and had a change of heart.

“Is your information accurate?” As her gaze turned cold, Nian Xiaomu crossed her arms and leaned against the table.

The secretary pointed to the contract in front of her and explained, “The perfect example is President Su from TS.”

“President Su?” Nian Xiaomu was taken aback and raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

She had just looked through the contract that President Su had sent over. It was regarding the collaboration for the new quarter.

TS had already taken the initiative the renew the contract with them. Why would they change their mind now?

“Manager Nian, you might not know this because you have just joined us. TS started R&D on a new product last year and was planning to launch it next quarter. However, the contract that they have just sent to us is still for the old product from the previous quarter”

Before the secretary finished what he wanted to say, Nian Xiaomu had already grasped the point.

“That is to say, they have chosen another partner for the launch of their new product!”

They were making use of the backing of the Yu Corporation, but sneakily contacted a rival company to take charge of their new and more competitive product

Such behavior was no different from betrayal!

“It’s not only President Su from our department. I also found out that similar happenings have been occurring in other departments. However, these involve more levels of partnerships, so it is hard to handle them,” the secretary reported despondently.

It seemed like an unspoken policy not to punish the actions of what the majority of the companies were doing even though it was obviously wrong.

The managers from the other departments had also been troubled by this matter.

“It’s pointless to keep defending our position.” Nian Xiaomu leaned against her seat and swept a glance at the line of contracts on the table.

These were all the key contracts in the public relations department.

From the time that she found out that Fan Yu was snatching her clients, she had been thinking about how to resolve this problem.

When she showed up at the two restaurants and made a scene, she was merely trying to find out what Fan Yu was planning to do.

Now, she had a solution in mind

The sides of Nian Xiaomu’s lips curled upward as she picked up the contract with TS and tossed it toward the secretary.

“Inform President Su that the Yu Corporation will terminate all collaboration with TS. As for the ongoing projects, we will pay compensation for breaking the contracts!”

“” The secretary could not believe his ears.

“Besides this, do one more thing for me. Get a few reliable people to send word out to inform everyone that the reason the Yu Corporation has ceased to work with TS was due to the fact that TS had sneakily made connections with the Fan Corporation!”

The expression on the secretary’s face changed, and he exclaimed, “Manager Nian, aren’t you pushing President Su over to the Fan Corporation’s side by doing this?”

If TS and the Yu Corporation fell out with each other, TS would definitely seek help from Fan Yu’s camp.

“Do you really think that the Fan Corporation that has only just entered City H can make an offer better than the Yu Corporation?” snarled Nian Xiaomu.

If the offer is really that good, why would President Su renew the contract with the Yu Corporation?

Everyone thought that she would tolerate this matter, but she was simply going to do otherwise.

This move would make an example out of President Su and would give a stern warning to the other errant clients!

“I want everyone to know that we will not keep anyone who has had a change of heart toward the Yu Corporation!”