The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 375

Chapter 375 The Raging Green Eyed Monster

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The two of them looked like they were seated very close together in the photograph.

There was a slight smile on Fan Yu’s face, and upon closer inspection, it was clear that the look in his eyes was filled with a deep sense of interest in Nian Xiaomu.

On the other hand, it was difficult to read Nian Xiaomu’s expression because her side profile was facing the camera.

However, from the curled lips on her face, she could have been smiling too

Yu Yuehan’s eyes shrank as his entire face turned black!

Hadn’t she gone out to look for President An to discuss the renewal of the contract? How did she end up sitting down together with Fan Yu?

Beep!His cell phone rang again.

Yu Yuehan tapped on the new message.

[Master Han, you’ve indeed groomed a woman with talent. She has even pulled me into her grand scheme. I am very pleased with the extra 10 percent of the profit. Rest assured that I will settle the matter properly!]

10 percent of the profit?

Yu Yuehan’s devilish eyes narrowed as he pursed his lips.

What he was concerned about right now was not business. Instead, what he really wanted to find out was what was going on between Nian Xiaomu and Fan Yu!

Before he raised this question, another message from President An came in.

[Manager Nian is a beauty with brains who is sought after by many men. You’ve seen it for yourself in the photograph just how proactive Master Fan is. Since you and I have known each other for so long, I thought I’d send you a gentle reminder immediately!]

At the end of the message, he left an address.

Yu Yuehan took a glance at it and sprang from his seat. He reached for his jacket and walked out.

“Where are you going, Young Master?” The assistant wanted to follow behind him, but Yu Yuehan had already left the office.

By the time he caught up with Yu Yuehan, he could only watch as the sports car zoomed out of the garage!

Yu Yuehan knew which club President An frequented.

He accelerated all the way to the destination, shortening the travel time by half.

Very quickly, he arrived at the entrance of the club.

When the security guard stepped forward to check and saw that the person in the driver’s seat was Yu Yuehan, he immediately instructed his colleague to let the car pass.

The sports car drove smoothly into club.

Zoom!The car was parked in the rest area of the club.

Yu Yuehan pushed opened the car door and surveyed his surroundings.

President An, who had sent him the intel, was nowhere to be seen. Narrowing his eyes, he followed the address in the message and walked into the club.

He had been here before, so he knew where the cafe was.

As soon as he reached the second floor, he caught sight of Fan Yu sitting by the window!

In front of him was a cup of coffee, but it seemed like he had not drunk much.

Nian Xiaomu was seated across from him. Stirring her cup of coffee with a teaspoon, she did not have any expression on her face.

The beams of sunlight penetrated the cafe and fell over these two people.

The sight of this beautiful couple was indescribably harmonious.

“As long as you are willing to join the Fan Corporation, whatever offer Yu Yuehan is giving you, I can give the same. If you have other conditions, I will agree to them too.”

“” Fan Yu had gone through so much just to poach his employee?

Yu Yuehan’s handsome face turned sullen. His gaze shifted toward Nian Xiaomu, who was seated across from Fan Yu.

Restraining the rage within himself, he waited for her reply.

She had better know what to say!

After a few seconds, she was still keeping silent as if she was considering the offer. Yu Yuehan glowered with frustration.

Why didn’t she reject Fan Yu immediately? Why was she hesitating?

Was she waiting for the Lunar New Year to pass?

Yu Yuehan wanted to just drag her away when he heard her crisp voice speak up and ask, “Why me?”

Most excellent!

She was really intending to make him a cuckold now that she was deep in discussion with Fan Yu!

Yu Yuehan tugged at his tie to loosen it so that he could take deeper breaths. Otherwise, he might really lose control of himself and go forward to strangle her!