The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Young Master Han Is Jealous And The Consequences Are Dire

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Shortly after, she seemed to have thought of something and said, “You were uttering nonsense! What did you mean by prostituting yourself? We have an honest and pure relationship with each other”

Those who did not know the full context might be thinking otherwise since he stated things that way.

How did she suddenly become the mistress of her big boss through some unwritten rule when from this “relationship,” she had obviously not gained anything?

Swish.The car suddenly came to a stop by the roadside.

The outline of Yu Yuehan’s side profile was immaculate as he held the steering wheel with one hand.

However, his body exuded a slight hint of chilliness.

Twisting his head around slightly, he looked in her direction with his dark, serene-looking eyes and said, “You have an honest and pure relationship with me. What about with Fan Yu?”


“Nian Xiaomu, shouldn’t you first explain to me why were you drinking coffee with Fan Yu and why you even talked about conditions for switching into a job at his company?”


Why had she wanted to open her mouth and speak just now?

Would it not be better if she sat in the car and headed home quietly?

Was being alive not a great thing?

“I did not think about joining his company!” Nian Xiaomu replied to the main point and clarified.

The reason why she had asked Fan Yu about the conditions he would provide was purely because she wanted to know what kinds of conditions the Fan Corporation would offer to poach away employees working at the Yu Corporation.

Know yourself, know your enemy. This way, they would be better equipped to guard against them.

Fan Yu might very well poach away managers from the other departments in the Yu Corporation if he wasn’t able to get her to join his company.

“But both of you were sitting down and drinking coffee togetheryou even smiled at him!” Yu Yuehan emphasized this point with gritted teeth.

God knows how much he wanted to strangle Fan Yu before strangling her when he received those photos!

Although he had told her to stay away from Fan Yu previously, she did not take his words seriously. Well done!

“Yu Yuehan, are you jealous?” Nian Xiaomu pursed her lips and secretly cast a sidelong glance at him.

Yu Yuehan was startled when he heard what she said.

He looked at her immediately; the surrounding air seemed to freeze as both their gazes met each other.

When he came back to his senses, he reached out and unbuckled the seat belt that was wrapped around his body. As his body crossed over the gear shifter of his car, he rested his hand on the head cushion of her seat and stared down at her.

He looked intently at her crafty, fox-like smile.

Yes, he was jealous.

She could see it in Fan Yu’s eyes, from how he looked at her

When he heard that Fan Yu wanted to poach her away at all costs.

Also, when he heard her talking about their “honest and pure relationship with each other”

His chest seemed to be set ablaze by a huge fire, which instantly burned his rationality down to ashes.

Only a single thought remained in his mind: To take her for himself!

Lowering his head, he sealed her lips tightly!

It was different from his half-hearted attempt just now.

This kiss was filled with plunder.

He pressed her against her seat, and there was absolutely no chance for her to make any movements.

He might not have stopped his actions if not for the inappropriate location

As he stroked her cherry-like lips that were swollen from his kisses, a perilous look flashed past his eyes.

Without a single word, he sat back in the driver’s seat. After that, he restarted the engine and drove toward the Yu Family villa.

The car was so silent during the entire journey that only the sounds of their breathing remained.

Nian Xiaomu was frozen by the iceberg, so much so that she shivered incessantly as she shrank to the corner of the passenger’s seat!

In the past, a kiss would solve everything whenever he was jealous.

However, why was he still pulling such a long face when he had already kissed her so many times today?

She racked her tiny brain hard as she tried to think of ways to appease him.

However, the car had already arrived at the Yu Family villa before she managed to think of any ideas.

His tall and royal figure took the lead and alighted first. Without taking a single glance at her, he entered the villa directly.

He was really angry

Nian Xiaomu sat blankly in the car and only alighted slowly after awhile.

When she walked to the living room, she saw Yu Yuehan sitting on the sofa alone and drinking alcohol to drown his sorrows.

He lifted his charming and handsome face up slightly when he saw that she had entered the living room. After he took a glance at her with his dark eyes, he shifted his gaze away from her again.

He seemed not to have seen her at all from that indifferent gaze of his.