The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 385

Chapter 385 A Reasonable Girlfriend

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Yu Yuehan stared hard at Nian Xiaomu for a long while before responding, “Can I say no?”

“Of course not!” When Nian Xiaomu heard that he wanted to reject her request, she immediately panicked!

Holding his face in her hands, she puffed up her cheeks as she glared at him.

“If you do not agree to my terms, be prepared to go back to your bachelor days!”

Yu Yuehan: “!!”

“Don’t worry. I’m not the delicate and helpless kind of girl who likes to throw tantrums. I am very reasonable!” Sitting in Yu Yuehan’s arms, Nian Xiaomu leaned against his chest comfortably when she saw that he did not raise any objections.

Holding her aching waist, she started to declare her conditions.

“The first rule is this: Although we are a couple, when it comes to that embarrassing deed, we should respect each other’s wishes. If I do not agree to it, you are not to lay a finger on me!”

After last night, she had come to understand that it did not matter if the man practiced celibacy or was an aloof sort of person.

All men were the same once they were in bed!

Yu Yuehan: “”

He already did not wish to agree to the first condition. Could he pretend that he did not hear it at all?

It was no easy feat for him to win her over. Now that he had tasted her sweetness, he could not get enough of it.


“The second rule is: You have to smile at me at least three times a day!” Nian Xiaomu turned around to look him in the eye as she lamented, “It’s such a waste that this God-given handsome face is always so cold and hostile. It strikes fear in me just by looking at that face, which is bad for my health.”

Yu Yuehan: “”

She had just stripped him of a reasonable privilege that a boyfriend should enjoy and was now about to judge him too?

Nian Xiaomu did not notice the change in his facial expression and reached out to pinch his cheeks.

After she forcefully tugged at his cheeks to lift the sides of his lips upward, she let out a contented laugh.

“So good-looking! My boyfriend is the most handsome man in the whole wide world!”

Yu Yuehan: “”

The displeasure that had been building up within him dissipated along with her innocent laughter.

As he ran his fingers through her hair lovingly, he raised his eyebrow and asked, “What is the last condition?”

“That is to give you the ability to exercise your right as a boyfriend!” Nian Xiaomu replied with a grin.

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan’s eyes lit up!

Very good. At least she had the good sense to think of this.

His mind was already filling up with ideas about how to “satisfy” her

Unfortunately, the next second, she added, “This right allows you to create surprises for the girlfriend. You should know what to do right?”

Yu Yuehan: “”

This was what she meant by exercising his right as her boyfriend?

Did surprises in bed count too?

“Alright, I’ve only come up with these three rules today. I’ll add on new ones next time when I think of them!”

Yu Yuehan: “” There would be no next time!

Holding her even more tightly in his arms, he lowered his head and kissed her until she felt out of breath and dizzy.

Still hugging her and refusing to let go, he asked, “Haven’t you ever wondered how you ended up alone at the hospital? What about your family?”

“I tried looking for them.” Nian Xiaomu dropped her head and rested it against Yu Yuehan’s chest as she murmured, “After I woke up, I tried all sorts of ways to locate my family, but to no avail.”


“Then, after being on my own for a long time, I just got used to it.” Her tone became resigned as she concluded what she had to say.

As the two people gazed into each other’s eyes, Yu Yuehan reached out and cupped her face in his hands as he whispered, “From now on you are not alone. You have me.”

Sliding his hands over her shoulders, he drew her into a gentle embrace.

As he rested his chin on the top of her head, his eyes began to flicker.

Whatever had happened in the past was not important anymore. What mattered was that she had appeared in his life now.

From now on, he was her family and her support.

Then, a thought struck him, and Yu Yuehan said, “Nian Xiaomu, in the future, you are not to touch a single drop of alcohol when I am not around!”