The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 387

Chapter 387 A Sincere Summary

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The moment Yu Yuehan finished his piece, the butler walked forward hurriedly, lifted Xiao Liuliu up from the chair, and said, “I have things to do today and need to bring Xiao Liuliu over to the other courtyard to visit her great-grandma.”

After that, he turned around and ran off!

The dining room quieted down instantly as Xiao Liuliu disappeared from view.

Yu Yuehan’s facial expression was the same as usual times as he continued to take his time and eat his porridge.

Nian Xiaomu was the only one who was still left in a trance.

Just when she snapped back to her senses and wanted to speak, he forced her words back down her throat as he had already scooped a mouthful of porridge and stationed it right beside her mouth.

Taking a sideways glance at him, Nian Xiaomu hugged her own porridge bowl and swiftly moved herself to the side.

Yu Yuehan frowned when he felt the emptiness in his embrace.

However, he thought of something and did not act up.

He stared at his cell phone as he ate his porridge.

Yu Yuehan’s eyebrows knotted even more tightly together the longer he stared at it

Curious, Nian Xiaomu cast a look at him and wanted to find out what he was looking at.

Just when she leaned forward to take a closer look, Yu Yuehan shifted the screen of his cell phone away.

She had failed.

“Eat your meal.” Yu Yuehan lifted his head up and patted her on her restless head.

With a flip of his hand, a humongous title could be seen plastered clearly over the screen of the cell phone: [A sincere summary of “surprises” that girlfriends love!]

He definitely could not achieve the first and second conditions out of the three mentioned.

However, he could attempt to fulfill the third condition

He had no prior dating experience, but he was willing to learn just for her.

Yu Yuehan took some screenshots and saved the suggestions that were contributed by internet users.

As he took a sideways glance at Nian Xiaomu, who was still engrossed in her meal, what she had said previously flashed past his mind.

A person would not appear at the entrance of a hospital without good reason. Moreover, she was injured at that time

Collecting his gaze, he wrote a text message and instructed his assistant to contact Tan Bengbeng. He wanted to meet her personally!

Nian Xiaomu had no idea what he was up to; all of her heart and soul was focused on the delicious food.

Just when she was about to head back to her room to catch up on her sleep after she had eaten her fill, her body was suddenly lifted up by Yu Yuehan.

As her body soared up, she was so shocked that she immediately wrapped her arms around his neck.

She looked at him with a puzzled look.

“Change your clothes.”


“Let’s go out on a date!”

Nian Xiaomu’s mind was still in a state of confusion; before she had time to digest what had happened the previous night, he had hauled her away and departed from the Yu Family villa.

At long last, she regained some tiny bit of her sanity as she sat in the car.

She was so sleepy that she yawned incessantly. Turning around, she faced the person beside her and asked, “Where are we heading to now?”

Yu Yuehan took notice of her every expression. Reaching out, he pulled her into his embrace and allowed her to lean against his chest. After that, he said lovingly, “Take a nap first. I’ll wake you up when we have arrived.”

Nian Xiaomu wasn’t pretentious either.

She fell asleep right after her meal.

She only realized that their car was parked outside a movie theater when she woke up.

It was the movie theater that the two of them had gone to the previous time.

Today was a weekend, so it was very crowded.

Even though it was not yet night time, pairs and pairs of couples were already standing in line before the ticketing counter.

Everyone around them was queuing up.

“Did you purchase tickets online? Will they run out of tickets?” Nian Xiaomu peeked out from his embrace and asked with a hint of worry. She had recalled the incident from the other time when the tickets to the kid’s movie had been sold out.

“They won’t,” Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered as he replied with certainty.

Noticing that she had woken up, he pushed open the car door and held her hand as they alighted from the car.

This was their first official date after they had confirmed their relationship.

Yu Yuehan held her hand a little too tightly as they walked among the crowd.

He was a man of affairs. However, he was now suddenly very nervous when merely going out to a movie with his girlfriend.

This was exacerbated when he thought about the things that would be done later on

Yu Yuehan gave a light cough to keep his emotions in check.

After that, he held her hand nonchalantly and headed into the movie theater.