The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 388

Chapter 388 A Complaint

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The two ticket inspectors who were stationed in front of the VIP theater noticed Yu Yuehan and greeted him respectfully, “Young Master Han!”

Nian Xiaomu was stunned, and she twisted her head around to stare at him with a surprised look.

This was a movie theater that was under the ownership of the Yu Corporation?

Why were they unable to get tickets for that kid’s movie the other time then?

Yu Yuehan noticed her abnormal reaction; he narrowed his eyes and was quickly able to guess what was on her mind. Clearing his throat, he said, “The movie is starting soon. Let’s go in.”

He did not give her a chance to speak. After he finished his words, he pulled her by the hand and strolled in, bypassing the ticket inspection area.

The lights dimmed the moment they entered the screening area.

Nian Xiaomu could not see the path ahead clearly. With a subconscious reaction, she reached out, grabbed Yu Yuehan, and asked, “Why are the lights off when the movie hasn’t started yet?”

Furthermore, she also did not see any other moviegoers in this theater.

It seemed that the two of them were the only ones in this huge theater

Just when she was still having doubts, the night lights on the pathway leading to the theater seats finally lit up.

All of a sudden, sparkling fluorescent lights lit up on the ceiling as well.

They looked like fireflies in the outskirts of a summer night sky.

Along with the revolving lights that sparkled incessantly in the VIP theater

The fluorescent lights swept past Yu Yuehan’s handsome face. As the lighting set off his originally delicate facial features, it made him look exceptionally enchanting.

Standing beside her, he casually placed one of his hands into his pocket and held her tightly with the other hand.

The corner of his lips curled upward slightly when he caught a glimpse of her shocked expression.

It seemed like the suggestions from the online users were working great.

Booking the entire theater for a movie was romantic, yet it also provided convenience for him to take advantage of her.

This was only the beginning.

He had chosen a romantic film that was both touching and a tearjerker. During the main highlight of the movie later on, he would do something romantic. Surely, this would make her so touched that she would throw herself into his embrace

As Yu Yuehan settled on this idea, he led Nian Xiaomu over to the seats in the middle of the theater without any second thoughts.

He had picked the movie in advance while they were en route to the movie theater just now.

This was a movie theater that was under the ownership of the Yu Corporation.

He had given the instructions in advance; everything that was supposed to be ready was in place.

Now, he was just waiting for the right time

“Hmm, there’s snacks here as well.” As soon as Nian Xiaomu sat down, she was immediately attracted by the snacks next to the armrest of the chair.

She completely failed to notice that the man who was sitting beside her was in fact scheming about how to eat her up entirely.

The movie began very shortly.

Yu Yuehan had chosen a movie that was currently popular.

The movie was funny at the beginning, but filled with regrets near the end.

This kind of contrasting plot could easily spur the audience’s emotions.

Both of them fell silent as soon as the movie began

On the other side, in the Yu Family villa.

In the courtyard.

Xiao Liuliu followed the butler and walked into the living room of the courtyard. The moment she saw Matriarch Yu, who was sitting in a rocking chair, she immediately broke free from the butler’s grip.

She took huge steps with her tiny and short legs and ran in.

“Great-grandma!” She threw her soft and cuddly body into Matriarch Yu’s embrace. After that, she lifted her tender and delicate face up.

Her tiny face scrunched up all at once.

“Xiao Liuliu’s Pretty Sister was snatched away!”


Matriarch Yu was reading newspapers at this point in time. When she saw her little sweetheart, she immediately put the newspapers down and lifted her up.

“Who has made my little baby angry? Tell Great-grandma. I’ll stand up for you!”

“Daddi!” Xiao Liuliu pouted her lips in grievance and sniffed sadly. She tilted her tiny head and complained, “Daddi has taken Pretty Sister to a movie and didn’t even bring Xiao Liuliu!”

“ What did you say?”

Astonished, Matriarch Yu reached out to remove the reading glasses that sat on the bridge of her nose. After that, she lifted her head up to seek confirmation from the butler.

The next second, she heard Xiao Liuliu’s tender and childish voice exclaim, “Daddi even slept with Pretty Sister in secret yesterday night. They wore exact same clothes!”