The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Black Bellied Too Black Bellied

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“What condition?” Alarmed, Nian Xiaomu looked at Yu Yuehan suspiciously.

Seeing that she had agreed to it, a flicker of light flashed past his eyes. He leaned forward until his lips were almost touching the tip of her nose.

“If I win, we sleep together tonight,” whispered Yu Yuehan sexily.

Nian Xiaomu: “”


“Then if I win, you cannot touch me for a whole month!” Nian Xiaomu glowered at him as she pouted before turning around and heading off to buy the game tokens.

The game started very quickly.

“Each person goes one round. The person who hits more targets wins!”

Nian Xiaomu briefly explained the rules.

She picked up the toy pistol and adjusted the eyepiece before starting the game.

The toy pistol looked light in her hands as she lifted it, aimed at the targets, and took shots

Every action was smooth and swift!

There was no hesitation.

In each round, there were a total of 50 targets.

However, there was a time limit, and the appearance of the targets would speed up toward the later part of the game. It was almost impossible to succeed in taking down all 50 targets.


Bang! Bang!

The sound of the shots rang into their ears.

Yu Yuehan took a glance at Nian Xiaomu’s perfect posture.

Shifting his gaze onto the score screen, he saw that after half a round, she had actually not missed a single target!

The way she was focused on the game was like a queen standing tall and proud while exuding an aura of elegance.

Yu Yuehan’s gaze became increasingly intense

The first round of the game ended.

Nian Xiaomu put the toy pistol down and looked up at the score screen. Feeling pleased with herself, she boasted, “49. Unless you can break the record and get a perfect score, you will surely lose to me!”

“Have you learned marksmanship before?” Taking the pistol from her, Yu Yuehan’s eyes were filled with a mysterious sparkle.

Hearing this, Nian Xiaomu was surprised. “I’m not sure if I took formal lessons. I’ve always played with Bengbeng at theme parks like this.”

“” That was it?

“Hurry up! Don’t try to think of any excuses to back out!” Feeling that Yu Yuehan was still buying time for himself, she impatiently hurried him to get started.

From the time that she had started playing this game, she had never seen anyone succeed in hitting all 50 targets.

49 was the best score.

Since Yu Yuehan spent most of his time in the office, he would surely not be as good as her at games!

Hearing her words, Yu Yuehan calmly narrowed his eyes as he picked up the toy pistol nonchalantly.

Just as he was about to reach out to press the “Start” button, Nian Xiaomu had already pressed it for him.

The first target very quickly appeared on the screen

Nian Xiaomu had tried to cheat by deliberately messing up the start of his game.

She had thought that Yu Yuehan would not react in time and would miss the target. However, he pulled the trigger and hit the target accurately.

Nian Xiaomu: “”

The rest of the time.

Nian Xiaomu stared at the screen while thinking that as long he missed one target, she would not lose the game.

However, Yu Yuehan’s accuracy throughout the game was exactly the same as the first shot he had fired.

His aim was steady until the very last target was shot down.

Nian Xiaomu was completely speechless

He had actually won.

No one had ever beaten her at this game before.

“Have you taken lessons before?” Nian Xiaomu puffed up her cheeks as she glared at him.

Placing the toy pistol down on the counter, he snickered and asked, “Who needs to train for such a simple game?”

Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

Before she could snap back to her senses, Yu Yuehan was already dragging her along.

Struggling to keep up with him, she asked, “Where are you taking me?”

Yu Yuehan replied, “Let’s go home to sleep!”