The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Our Tempo Is Different From Other People

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The living room became empty in an instant.

Just as Nian Xiaomu was about to say something, Yu Yuehan scooped her up in his arms and turned to walk up the stairs.

“Yu Yuehan, we have only just started dating and now we are getting engaged? Don’t you think that it is too fast?” When they reached the bedroom, Nian Xiaomu hurriedly climbed down from his arms and looked blankly at him.

Yu Yuehan walked to the side, poured a glass of water, and passed it to her.

After seeing her take a sip of water obediently, he replied, “Our tempo is different from other people to start with. You made me sleep with you on our first day together”


The mouthful of water that Nian Xiaomu had taken shot right out of mouth!

Turning red in the face, she shoved the glass of water back at him and turned to crawl under the covers.

She wasn’t going to talk anymore! She was too embarrassed to!

Anyone who allowed her to drink alcohol in the future would be her enemy!

Ring, ringHer cell phone suddenly rang.

Nian Xiaomu sat up immediately and took her cell phone out of her pocket.

As she was still feeling sheepish about how she had made her move on Yu Yuehan, she picked up the call without checking the caller ID first.


After waiting a few seconds, there was no reply from the other end.

Nian Xiaomu turned to look at the caller ID on the phone and saw that it was Fan Yu. Placing the phone to her ear again, she discovered that there was still no sound from the other side.

He had called her so late at night, yet he did not speak a word on the phone.

What did this mean?

Just as Nian Xiaomu was about to ask him what he wanted, Yu Yuehan walked over to her and asked, “Who is calling?”

Then, he lowered his head and gave her a peck on the cheek.

There was a glint in his eye as he gazed at Nian Xiaomu, who had climbed into his bed in a moment of panic

Nian Xiaomu did not notice the change in the expression on his face. She was going to reply that the call was from Fan Yu, but the call ended at the same time.

Feeling perplexed, she wanted to ask Yu Yuehan if he could decipher what this was about, but he had already climbed on top of her!


On the other end. At the Fan Family villa.

In a spacious study room, the stillness in the air felt as if time had stopped.

Holding the cell phone in his hand, Fan Yu was standing in front of a French window.

As he watched the screen on the phone turn dark, his handsome face turned slightly pale. His lonesome figure exuded an air of despondency.

The images of what he had seen earlier kept flashing in his mind.

Even if Yu Yuehan had intentionally staked his claim on Nian Xiaomu in front of him, Fan Yu did not want to believe that they were already together.

She had been taken away by Yu Yuehan.

At first, he thought that maybe she was in some sort of difficulty that she could not explain or perhaps he had misunderstood the situation

He could not hold back his curiosity and had even gone to the Yu Family villa so that he could clarify it with her. However, he saw the two of them leave the house together.

They were on a date.

They had watched a movie and even kissed on the streets

She had even taken the initiative to stand on tiptoe to kiss Yu Yuehan

That tender image of them together was like a sharp blade piercing through his heart.

He could not give up so easily and decided to make that phone call. In the end, it only confirmed that they were already sleeping together.

No matter how he tried to come up with excuses for her, he could not deceive himself. The man whom Nian Xiaomu loved was Yu Yuehan!


Fan Yu swung his fist against the window.

The whole window pane shook with a loud bang.

He did not believe it!

He did not believe that his Liuliu would fall in love with someone else.

Dialing his assistant’s number, a streak of light flickered in his dark brown eyes as he instructed, “Check out Nian Xiaomu’s background. I want to find out everything about her!”

After hanging up the call, he propped both hands against the window as he looked out at the moon.

Nian Xiaomu, are you Liuliu?