The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 399

Chapter 399 Who Dares Touch Her?

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“You” Wen Yadai had never expected Nian Xiaomu to say this.

Even though she had left the Yu Corporation, she was still the eldest daughter of the Wen Family.

Nian Xiaomu actually laid hands on her she really had huge guts!

Since Nian Xiaomu was courting her own death and took the initiative to antagonize Wen Yadai, Wen Yadai would definitely teach her a lesson!

Wen Yadai narrowed her eyes. All of a sudden, she turned her head around and shouted, “Are all of you doormen blind? Seize her now! She is so daring that she assaulted meI must send her to the police station!”

The Wen Family was a regular customer of this restaurant, and Wen Yadai patronized this place very often. As such, all of the doormen on duty knew who she was.

Furthermore, they had seen Nian Xiaomu kick Wen Yadai with their own eyes just now.

They immediately rushed forward when they heard what Wen Yadai said.

At this point in time, all of them zoned in on Nian Xiaomu subconsciously.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” Not a hint of fear could be detected on Nian Xiaomu’s face as she held Xiao Liuliu in her arms.

Straightening her back, she shifted her gaze upward and stared coldly at the group of people who were slowly surrounding her.

She was tall and slim, had a good looking appearance, and acted cold and stern.

All of the doormen became stupefied just as they were about to capture her. With her body exuding a strong aura that was filled with royalty, Nian Xiaomu did not fall even a single bit behind Wen Yadai.

They hesitated and did not dare to move forward.

“Catch her! Why are all of you still standing there! Let me give her a kick before I send her to the police station!” Wen Yadai gritted her teeth and yelled.

“Miss Wen, the child that she is holding seems to be the Little Miss of the Yu Family” one of the doormen recognized Xiao Liuliu and reminded Wen Yadai.

Wen Yadai smiled coldly when she heard this.

“So what? She is just a nurse. Do you think Young Master Han would think highly of her even if she is holding the Little Miss of the Yu Family? Let me ask you, based on the relationship between the Wen Family and the Yu Family, what do you think her ending will be if Young Master Han knew that a nurse had actually laid her hands on me?”

“This” A few of the doormen looked at each other speechlessly.

None of them had seen Nian Xiaomu before. Even though she carried an uncommon aura and absolutely did not look like a nurse

Yet, what Wen Yadai said made sense.

The Wen Family and the Yu Family had close ties that persisted for a few generations.

Previously, whenever Young Master Han would come here, the only woman who would appear by his side was Wen Yadai.

Everyone had firmly believed that Wen Yadai would eventually marry into the Yu Family and become the Young Madam of the Yu Family.

Now, however, she had been assaulted by someone. If Young Master Han was around, he would most likely detain the person who had assaulted Wen Yadai and turn the culprit into a punching bag for Wen Yadai to vent her anger on!

A few of the doormen looked each other in the eyes. Then, all of them inched forward in an subconscious manner.

Just when they reached out and were about to grab ahold of Nian Xiaomu, a luxurious car stopped steadily by the roadside.

The car door opened.

Yu Yuehan’s slender body gradually stepped out of the car.

With a remote and cold gaze, he opened his thin lips and asked, “Who dares touch her?!”

“Young Master Han”

Nobody had expected that Yu Yuehan would arrive with such timing.

Every single person was appalled.

A few of the doormen were so shocked that their faces turned pale instantly. All of them backed off uniformly.

One of them spoke up and explained hurriedly, “Han, Young Master Han, we were not apprehending Little Miss. It was this woman, she laid her hands on Miss Wen and assaulted her. All of us were only standing up for Miss Wen!”

The two others also immediately echoed along when they heard this.

“Yes, yes, yes, the person whom we wanted to catch wasn’t Little Miss, we intended to catch this ignorant nurse!”

“Yeah, the three of us saw it with our own eyes just now. She had laid her hands on Miss Wen and assaulted her”

When Yu Yuehan heard this, he raised his eyebrows lightly and took a glance in the direction where Wen Yadai stood.

It absolutely had not crossed Wen Yadai’s mind that Yu Yuehan would appear.

Her face turned ghastly pale in an instant!

As she listened to the doormen speaking up for her, she clenched both her fists tightly and tried to keep her cool.