The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 40

Chapter 40: You lucked out just like this!

"How could there be no news? Did you not have any ideas about what you've done?" Matriarch Yu slapped the armrest of the chair and asked anxiously.

The atmosphere in the room became strange because of these blunt questions.

"Tell Grandma, did you fail to take responsibility for the girl? Thus, they sent Xiao Liuliu to you in a fit of anger!"

"Grandma!" Yu Yuehan's face darkened.

His eyebrows twitched all over as he gnashed his teeth.

"I have not touched any women!"

At the start, he had suspected that Xiao Liuliu was not his biological daughter.

Afterward, he also suspected that the other party had some ulterior motives for sending the child to him.

As long as he waited patiently, she would reveal herself...

But it has been two years.

Exactly two years, yet that woman never appeared.

It was as if she sent Xiao Liuliu to his side so that she could acknowledge her roots and ancestors!

"You didn't touch, you didn't touch. All men vow like this verbally, but in the end, isn't there still a child?" Matriarch Yu twisted her face, just like a kid acting out in a fit of pique.

Upon hearing this, Yu Yuehan realized that his words reminded her of his grandfather who had passed away as well as his "Young Uncle" who appeared out of the blue.

The vicious look behind his eyes disappeared little by little.

He went forward and gave Matriarch Yu a hug.

"Grandma, I am still investigating this matter. I will make sure that the truth comes to light!"

"But what if Xiao Liuliu's biological mother still can't be found? You are planning to make my little sweetheart live all alone? And your marriage..." Matriarch Yu changed the topic in an instant and went back to the main topic.

"I think that Nian Xiaomu is not bad. She is pretty, and her manners are good. You lucked out just like this!"


"And the main thing is, Xiao Liuliu adores her. You didn't see it, but when I was coming up just now, I saw her playing a game of erasers with Xiao Liuliu. It has been so long since my little sweetheart smiled so brightly!" a gratified smile appeared as Matriarch Yu recounted what she saw.

"..." The ray in Yu Yuehan's eyes deepened.

He didn't tell Matriarch Yu that he had witnessed everything that she mentioned.

Those who were unaware might have thought that Nian Xiaomu was Xiao Liuliu's mother when they saw that scene.

"Grandma is old, and I don't know how much longer I can hold the position of matriarch of the household. If you don't find yourself a wife, do you want your Young Aunt to manage this huge Yu Family villa for you when I pass on?"

As Matriarch Yu finished her piece, she stood up from the chair.

"I am going back now, and you don't need send me off. If you really have the conscience, hurry and find me a granddaughter-in-law!"

When Matriarch Yu finished her sentence, she shouted at the butler, who was standing guard at the door, to assist her in leaving.


The study room was empty all of a sudden.

Yu Yuehan was the only one left. He stayed at the study table, his eyes hidden in the depths as he watched Matriarch Yu's stooped back view disappear from sight.

Just then, he seemed to have thought of something and opened his laptop.

The CCTV's synchronized screen instantly showed Nian Xiaomu's delicate and good-looking face.

She was sitting on the sofa with Xiao Liuliu in her arms and peeling oranges for the little girl.

A bite for you, a bite for me...

It was a heartwarming and harmonious sight.

However, this scene was interrupted less than three seconds later...

In the living room.

Cheng Xiulu covered her bandaged butt, limping and hobbling forward.

"Nian Xiaomu, stand up!"

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

"You still have the nerve to eat oranges when I am so badly injured? Hurry and assist me in returning to the small courtyard!"