The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 401

Chapter 401 The Fierce Protector Of Her Child

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“Not qualified?” Yu Yuehan opened his mouth slowly and repeated the two words.

His voice sounded so chilly that it could possibly freeze someone into an ice cube.

He raised his eyebrows coldly and stared at Wen Yadai.

Biting her lips nervously, Wen Yadai said, “Young Master Han, I was only I thought that she had put your name on the line and was going around showing off. I couldn’t just stand here and watch, hence I spoke out of turn and reminded her about it. After that, she laid her hands on me and assaulted me I didn’t do anything!”

Wen Yadai had never once imagined that Yu Yuehan would acknowledge the status of a woman in public.

She had been in a state of panic ever since he said that sentence.

She wouldn’t have compromised with Nian Xiaomu in any way if this were the past.

However, the shoe was on the other foot now.

The place that she held in Yu Yuehan’s heart had now been watered down.

The Wen Family had originally planned on sending her overseas with no return ticket. If she had not talked big and said that Yu Yuehan still cared about her, the Wen Family would not have allowed her to return to the country.

As a result, she could not do anything that might anger Yu Yuehan now

With a cold and remote gaze, Yu Yuehan took a sideways glance at her and acted as if he was totally ignoring her presence.

In the presence of Wen Yadai, Yu Yuehan held Nian Xiaomu by the shoulders and brought both Xiao Liuliu and her inside the restaurant.

There was no need for words right now.

His indifferent treatment was akin to a slap on Wen Yadai’s face!

Wen Yadai shuddered all over, and the blood on her face shed away instantly

Not resigned to this ending, she wanted to follow them, but was stopped by the doormen.

Stunned, she shrieked, “What do all of you mean by this? I am the daughter of the Wen Family! How dare you stop me?!”

“Miss Wen, you have seen it as well. Young Master Han is currently in a temperamental fit and surely would not want to see you at this moment. We are more afraid of offending the Yu Family than the Wen Family. Sorry, but please leave now!”

“You guys!!!” Wen Yadai was so angry that her face scrunched up and turned absolutely ugly. Her fingers dangled in midair for a long time, but she wasn’t able to utter a single word.

She was born into a noble family. Furthermore, she had been put under the protection of the Yu Family ever since she was young because she had once saved Yu Yuehan.

Her life had always been very smooth.

In everyone’s eyes, she had both outstanding looks and capability; she was also the only one who was allowed to act all high and mighty. Since when had she been reduced to a state where mere doormen could despise her as well?

Unfortunately, the person whom she had offended was Yu Yuehan.

He was the most honorable man in the entire City H!

As Wen Yadai grasped her skirt forcefully with both her hands, she realized that the people surrounding her were gesticulating at her. In a subconscious effort, she reached out and covered her face.

She had originally wanted to humiliate Nian Xiaomu, but she herself was the most embarrassed one in the end!

In the restaurant.

Yu Yuehan took big steps forward as he carried Xiao Liuliu with one hand and held Nian Xiaomu by the waist with the other.

The moment they entered the private room, he placed Xiao Liuliu down. Turning around, he pinned Nian Xiaomu against the wall.

Lowering his gaze, he took a glance at her and asked, “Did you suffer any losses?”

“” She could suffer from anything else, but she would not suffer a loss.

Wen Yadai was the one who was suffering from a loss right now.

Nian Xiaomu grinned all over and said, “I calculated the exact time of your arrival and purposely gave her a kick. Furthermore, I gave you a chance to save the beauty as well. Aren’t I very smart?”

As she said this, she raised her head up, and the expression that could be seen on her face said: “This goddess is awesome just like so. Praise me if you want to! You don’t have to hold it in!”

Yu Yuehan’s eyebrows rose slightly at the sight of her crafty face.

As he stared fixedly at her lovable and charming little face, he couldn’t help it and lowered his head in an attempt to kiss her.

With her sharp eyes and agile hands at work, Nian Xiaomu covered his mouth at lightning speed.

Just when Yu Yuehan was about to push her hand away, his cell phone suddenly rang.

The butler’s voice sounded from the other end when he picked up his cell phone and said, “Young Master, the Matriarch is here with a bunch of things. She said that she is here to send betrothal gifts to Miss Nian”