The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 402

Chapter 402 He Had Betrayed Her In Just The Blink Of An Eye

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Since Yu Yuehan was hugging Nian Xiaomu, she could hear the voice that sounded from the other end of the phone call. There was not even the need to turn on the speakerphone function.

Nian Xiaomus body froze immediately once the butler finished speaking!

Betrothal gifts?

The matriarch was really planning on getting them engaged

Nian Xiaomu was so shocked that she clung directly to Yu Yuehans chest and stared at him with a helpless look.

It seemed that she had absolutely no appetite for a meal.

Reaching out, Yu Yuehan stroked her tiny head and said calmly, Calm Grandma down. Well head back now.

After that, he hung up the call.

They set off from the restaurant and headed back to the Yu Family villa.

Nian Xiaomu entered a numb and dazed state as she held Xiao Liuliu in her arms during the entire journey.

Her entire mind was filled with wild thoughts.

She had just taken advantage of the aftereffects of alcohol and bedded Yu Yuehan. Now, however, they were about to get engaged.

In that case, would she be rushed to give birth to a sibling for Xiao Liuliu once they were engaged?

Nian Xiaomu panicked at the thought of this!

Her arm that was holding onto Xiao Liuliu tightened up silently.

She pondered if she should ask Xiao Liuliu about her preference of having a younger sibling

She heard that an only child wouldnt want any younger siblings. Should Yu Yuehan and her give birth to a baby if Xiao Liuliu didnt like the idea of it?


Oh my god, why was she thinking of having a second child in the family when they were not even engaged yet?!

Swish.The car had reached the entrance of the villa.

The car door opened.

Yu Yuehan alighted first and took Xiao Liuliu away from Nian Xiaomus embrace. After that, he held Nian Xiaomus hand conveniently and waited for her to alight before they headed in together.

Noticing that her expression looked peculiar, he even comforted her and said, My Grandma doesnt bite.

Yeah, Im alright. Nian Xiaomu was a stubborn person; she was reluctant to admit her fear.

The next second, she heard Yu Yuehan mutter quietly, Nian Xiaomu, you are about to break my fingers.

Nian Xiaomu: !!


The three of them entered the living room together.

The moment Xiao Liuliu saw Matriarch Yu, who was sitting on the sofa, she immediately slipped down from Yu Yuehans embrace happily. Taking huge strides forward with her tiny legs, she ran over.

With the voice of a spoiled child, she called out tenderly, Great-Grandma!

Matriarch Yu was wearing a classic cheongsam dress today, and her hair was all combed up.

No detail was neglected.

She sat in a distinguished, yet imposing, manner.

Even though she was old, the graceful and poised presence that she carried still had the power to make others respect her inherently.

With such an elder in a rich family, she should be using every possible effort to stop her grandson, Yu Yuehan, from marrying such an ordinary person like Nian Xiaomu.

However, Matriarch Yu did exactly the opposite

She had been impatiently pushing Yu Yuehan toward Nian Xiaomu from the very first time that they had met.

The rich and noble son with the highest ranking in City H, the heartthrob of a billion girls, turned into a cheap article that could not be sold away fast enough once he came into Matriarch Yus care.

No one would ever believe it!

Nian Xiaomu followed behind Yu Yuehan. When she saw Matriarch Yu lift Xiao Liuliu up, she became so nervous that she grasped his hand.

Turning her head around, she searched around the living room and indeed saw a few boxes lying on the coffee table.

She swallowed her saliva forcefully.

Had the matriarch really sent sent betrothal gifts over?

Just when she wanted to say something, Yu Yuehan pulled her by the arm, and they walked forward to Matriarch Yu.

Grandma, we are back. As he said that, he exerted some force in his hands and brought the unsuspecting Nian Xiaomu forward.

He made her stand right before Matriarch Yu.

Nian Xiaomu: !!

What happened to the assurance that he had given her, telling her not to panic and that he would be around?

He had betrayed her in just the blink of an eye.


Nian Xiaomu grabbed the ends of her shirt uneasily. As she pursed her lips, she said obediently, Hello, Matriarch.

Matriarch Yu frowned immediately when she heard that.

Matriarch? We are a family since you are already together with Yuehan. You must follow his lead and call me Grandma!