The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 409

Chapter 409 Exposing Her On Purpose

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Wen Yadai seemed to have thought of something. Turning around, she looked toward the private room that Nian Xiaomu had exited from.

She strolled forward. Reaching out, she pushed open the door and looked through the crack between the door and the doorframe. When she realized that all of her important clients from the public relations department were seated in the room, the look in her eyes turned treacherous.

A sinister smile crept up from the corners of her lips as she pushed the door open and entered the room

When Nian Xiaomu returned, all she saw was Wen Yadai sitting at the middle of the table as she accompanied the clients while drinking to their heart’s content.

She downed a glass of red wine in one shot.

Roars and cheers surrounded her the moment she placed her glass down.

“Miss Wen, you’re indeed a heroine! You carry your liquor like a gentleman, and it’s so fun drinking with you!” Coincidentally, the one who was praising Wen Yadai was President Fang, the person whose toast had been rejected by Nian Xiaomu just now.

Wen Yadai’s gaze flickered when she noticed from the corner of her eye that Nian Xiaomu was walking into the room.

She took a glance at the teacup that was placed beside Nian Xiaomu’s seat and purposely said, “Guys, stop praising me. Don’t you all know that the current manager of the public relations department, Manager Nian, is a heroine when it comes to drinking as well? I remember that she had had quite a few drinks during the department gathering back when she first joined our department. All the employees in the department were quite afraid of drinking with her at the time!”

Nian Xiaomu’s facial expression changed when she heard this.

She turned around and looked in President Fang’s direction. Indeed, President Fang, who had been full of smiles earlier on, instantly had an ugly change in expression.

There was absolutely no need for her to force herself if she really could not tolerate alcohol.

However, if she found an excuse and rejected the toast when she could in fact drink alcohol, that would be an act of disrespect.

Wen Yadai seemed to be praising Nian Xiaomu with those words of hers just now. However, embarrassed looks appeared on the faces of several of the presidents who had proposed toasts to Nian Xiaomu earlier in the meal.

Wen Yadai knew in her heart that she had hit the bullseye when she noticed that the atmosphere had turned awkward. Nonetheless, she looked toward Nian Xiaomu with an apologetic expression.

“Manager Nian, you have returned? These presidents here are all friends of mine whom I used to work with. I couldn’t help it and came in to say hello when I discovered that they were hereyou don’t mind it, right?”

“Of course I don’t mind. Miss Wen was once the manager of the public relations department as well. You might not necessarily be behind me when it comes to your education and capability. If only you had not been blinded and did not leak the secrets of the company that other time Oops, these are all matters of the past. Why did I still mention them” Nian Xiaomu spoke up with the pretense of being inadvertent with her words.

Wen Yadai, who was still carrying an air of complacency from before, clenched her fists upon hearing these simple sentences.

A hush fell over the room.

The slight comradery that the presidents had felt with Wen Yadai instantly disappeared into thin air.

When it came to comparing between a person’s capability and their character, character would definitely be the more important trait.

Otherwise, no one would ever have peace of mind if they employed a person who was capable, but had a stomach full of deceptions.

Nian Xiaomu took a cold glance at Wen Yadai as she walked over to her seat and sat down.

“Miss Wen must have come here with other matters on hand. In that case, I shall not keep you here.”

Wen Yadai gritted her teeth when she heard this.

She had originally wanted to embarrass Nian Xiaomu and, at the very least, arouse feelings of dissatisfaction toward her among these important clients.

In the end, she was the one who was embarrassed.

How could she be satisfied if she let Nian Xiaomu go just like that?

Wen Yadai ignored everything that Nian Xiaomu said. Reaching out, she pulled up a chair, sat down on it, and replied, “Speaking of which, I have not met my old pals here in a very long time. Naturally, I must stay and chat a while longer.”

As she spoke, she picked up the wine glass yet again and proposed a toast to everyone.

President Fang did not have any other hobbies except for drinking.

He especially loved to do so with beautiful girls.

Since Nian Xiaomu could not drink and the secretary had to drive later on, President Fang definitely would not reject Wen Yadai’s company.

A person would have more to say after they had had a little too much to drink.

“You are the only one that I can get along with well, Manager Wen. You are different from those pretentious people, and I can totally drink to my heart’s content with you!”