The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Was it on purpose?

Nian Xiaomu, having been yelled at by Cheng Xiulu for no good reason, looked toward her direction. Just then, she caught a glimpse of Fang Zhenyi, who stood behind Cheng Xiulu.

Having disappeared for the entire day, Fang Zhenyi encountered the saga of Cheng Xiulu's wounded butt, which had been cut by pieces of porcelain, the moment she returned and had helped to dress Chen Xiulu's wound.

It was reasonable to assume that if Cheng Xiulu wanted to return to the small courtyard, Fang Zhenyi should have been the one to assist her.

Since she specially came over to order Nian Xiaomu around, was she trying to shift the blame of her butt injuries to Nian Xiaomu?

Nian Xiaomu darted her eyes. She placed Xiao Liuliu on the sofa and stood up.

"Madam, Young Master Han instructed me not to leave Little Miss alone at any time. I am afraid that I can't send you back."

"Don't think that I wouldn't know what to do with you if you use Xiao Liuliu as an excuse!" Cheng Xiulu walked up and pointed to the oranges on the coffee table. "I remember these fruits. They are for Little Miss, right? You are merely a nurse, but you had the guts to steal Little Miss' food for your own consumption. You would not be qualified to stay in the Yu Family if I looked into this matter!"

"..." Nian Xiaomu knitted her eyebrows.

These fruits were indeed prepared for Xiao Liuliu, but Xiao Liuliu insisted on feeding her some of them.

She was not able to reject her, hence she ate a little bit. Cheng Xiulu actually managed to pick a quarrel over this matter?

It was better to avoid unnecessary trouble. Lest Cheng Xiulu continued to pick on her in the future, Nian Xiaomu would pretend to comply with Cheng Xiulu and mollify her anger.

Nian Xiaomu raised the corner of her mouth. She assisted Cheng Xiulu and left after instructing Xiao Liuliu to stay well behaved.

The Yu Family villa occupied a vast area.

There were two small courtyards in the main area of the villa that were located at both the left and right wings, respectively.

Matriarch Yu loves peace and tranquility. Ever since Old Master Yu passed on, she alone had moved into the small courtyard in the right wing.

The small courtyard in the left wing was naturally left for the Yu Huiwei couple that had been abruptly fetched back to the Yu Family.

Even though they were named as small courtyards, their level of gorgeousness and coziness were a hundred times better than the ordinary villas out on the market.

"Madam, if there is nothing else for me, I shall take my leave." Nian Xiaomu prepared to take her leave right after she sent Cheng Xiulu back to the small courtyard.

"Wait! What kind of attitude are you showing? I ordered you to assist me back to my room, but you want to leave when we have only reached the main gate. Did the Yu Family hire you to do things with a strong start, but a weak finish?" Cheng Xiulu grabbed Nian Xiaomu and chided her harshly.


It was astonishing to see how this Young Aunt managed to admonish her subordinates so frequently.

Nian Xiaomu knitted her eyebrows lightly in distress. Since she was hauled along by the arm, she had no other choice but to continue to help Chen Xiulu in.

However, when she saw Chen Xiulu cover her butt as she walked, limping and hobbling with every step, Nian Xiaomu barely controlled her laughter.

She even suspected that Yu Yuehan had done this on purpose.

The dining room was so huge, but he had forced her into the corner where the broken pieces of porcelain were and intimidated her to the extent that she fell to the ground.

"Be careful! Did you do that on purpose... ouch!" Cheng Xiulu dragged her feet painfully and finally reached her room. Just when she sat on the bed, she stood up immediately from the pain.

Her gaze toward Nian Xiaomu was so vicious that it seemed like she wanted to devour her!

"Madam, it is better for you to not get angry so often since you are injured. Otherwise, you will be more prone to infections in the wound," Nian Xiaomu instructed her with a superficial smile after receiving this death glare.

She turned and prepared to take her leave since she had already sent her back safely.

"I am thirsty. Get me a cup of water," Cheng Xiulu suddenly instructed.

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

"Why are you staring at me? It shouldn't be too hard on you to get me a cup of water since you called me Madam, right?" Cheng Xiulu laid flat on the bed and propped her body up lightly.

She could neither lie down nor sit up in this state.

She felt sullen and wronged the more she thought about it.

Since Nian Xiaomu was in her territory, she would definitely teach her a lesson!