The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Humiliated And Who's Here?

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“Miss Wen, let me raise a toast to you!”


Everyone chimed in to pile compliments on Wen Yadai.

After the commotion died down, Wen Yadai turned toward Nian Xiaomu and sweetly said, “Manager Nian, it’s your turn now.”

Once she gave the go-ahead, the rest of the people followed her lead and cajoled Nian Xiaomu to perform for them.

“Manager Nian is so competent. I’m sure her piano skills are remarkable too!”

“That’s right! We are looking forward to it!”

“I am greatly honored to be able to listen to the previous and present managers of the public relations department play the piano today”

“Old Ji, it’s too soon to say that. Manager Nian wouldn’t even have a drink with us. She’s too high and mighty to play the piano.” President Fang was still greatly displeased. Now that he was intoxicated, he was shooting off his mouth.

The people around him could not hold him back.

This was the chance that Wen Yadai had been waiting for.

She smiled at Nian Xiaomu and said, “Surely Manager Nian Xiaomu will not disappoint everyone, right?”


Nian Xiaomu was not just going to play the piano. She was going to play it better than Wen Yadai did.

Otherwise, her standing in the hearts of these clients would be lower than Wen Yadai’s.

The partnership between them would surely be affected in the future.

Nian Xiaomu’s fingers stroked the sides of the tea cup, and the sides of her lips curled upward when she saw through Wen Yadai’s motives.

Getting up slowly from her seat, she walked to the front of the piano.

Her outstanding features and elegant disposition made the people around her take in a deep breath as she rested her hands on the keyboard.

This was truly a beautiful sight to behold, and her aura was quite dignified.

For now, it wasn’t even important to discuss her skills. Just the image of Nian Xiaomu at the piano was already very pleasing to the eyes and heart.

Wen Yadai silently clenched her fists.

That vixen!

Did she think that she could bluff her way through with that bewitching face of hers?

How was she going to save herself after she made a mess of her performance?

A melodious tune very quickly filled the air.

Nian Xiaomu did not say much, but used her long fingers to create magic on the black and white keys. In an instant, she had turned into a musical fairy.

As her fingers danced on the keyboard, everyone felt like a picture was being drawn right in front of their eyes

It was bright and sunny, the birds were chirping, and the flowers were in full bloom.

All of the loved ones of the listeners started to appear in the minds of the people listening to the song.

These images appeared with the flow of the song

Compared to Wen Yadai’s stiff performance earlier, Nian Xiaomu’s rendition was way more lively and touching.

The song ended.

For a long while, there was no reaction in the private room.

Nian Xiaomu lifted her hands off the piano and snickered as she glanced over at Wen Yadai who was now shocked beyond words.

Wen Yadai had been on an overseas assignment during Matriarch Yu’s 70th birthday celebration, so she had not attended the banquet and did not know what had happened there.

Wen Yadai had merely assumed that a lowly nurse like Nian Xiaomu would surely not have any talents to boast about. That was why she boldly set Nian Xiaomu up for humiliation.

Now, however

While Wen Yadai remained in a daze, her ears were ringing from the loud applause that broke out in the room.

“Manager Nian has such great hidden talent!”

“Manager Nian is not only beautiful, but she can also play the piano so well. She can even match up to professional musicians!”

“If I were to compare, then Miss Wen’s performance was”

Before the sentence could be completed, it was cut short.

However, Wen Yadai’s face was already stinging with embarrassment.

Nothing could be more disgraceful than failing to make Nian Xiaomu look bad and ending up as the laughing stock instead!

Wen Yadai’s ears were flooded with praises directed at Nian Xiaomu.

She could not stay here even a second longer and hurriedly grabbed her bag, ready to leave. Just as she was about to sneak out of the room, the door suddenly opened from the outside!