The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 412

Chapter 412 You Make An Exception Once You Make It Twice

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Wen Yadai paused in her tracks, and her eyes grew wide with shock when she noticed the royal figure outside!

Yu Yuehan was standing at the entrance.

Dressed in a black suit, his slender body stood bolted upright as his chilly face carried about a strong sense of self-restraint.

Even though he was simply standing there, the surrounding pressure seemed to have instantly dropped to its lowest point.

Everyone shifted their gaze on him unconsciously due to that formidable aura of his.

“Young Master Han” Wen Yadai grasped the bag in her hand and shivered all over.

A look of disbelief flowed through her eyes.

Wen Yadai had known since she was young that Yu Yuehan did not like to engage in social activities.

After she joined the Yu Corporation, Yu Yuehan would reject her whenever any activity was reported to the President’s office, be it a major one or a minor one.

She had already been very surprised when he agreed to attend the department gathering for the employees the other time.

She had originally assumed that he had finally noticed the efforts that she had put in for him and decided to pay special attention to her as a result.

She only realized afterward that he had done it because of Nian Xiaomu

Furthermore, just for Nian Xiaomu, he now showed up in person to accompany some of her clients for a meal!

Veins popped up from the hand that Wen Yadai used to grasp her bag!

What exactly was so great about Nian Xiaomu?

Wen Yadai bit her lips so hard and to such an extent that blood stains could be seen; she almost failed to restrain her emotions and wanted to say something.

Just before she could open her mouth, Yu Yuehan’s chilly gaze had already swept in her direction!

A strong sense of warning seeped through his still gaze.

It poured down on her head directly, just like a basin of cold water.

Wen Yadai’s body seemed to be fixed within a plaster cast as she instantly froze right where she was.

She was finally aware that the shoe was on the other foot now.

At this point in time, he would perhaps be filled with disgust even if he simply shot her another look.

She had long since lost the privilege of standing beside him

As Yu Yuehan pushed open the door and entered, the noises he made in the corridor spread faintly into the private room.

When Wen Yadai heard someone calling her name, she finally remembered the lecherous old man that she had left behind in the private room next door.

All of a sudden, she was thrown into a state of confusion when she took another look at the absolutely royal Yu Yuehan.

What kind of gaze would he have directed at her if he knew the purpose of her coming to the clubhouse today?

She could tolerate everyone else’s taunts, but simply could not stand a look of disdain from him. Not even a tiny little bit

At this point in time, Wen Yadai no longer dared to speak ill of Nian Xiaomu. She tried to explain her actions and said, “I only came in to say hello because I saw President Fang and the other clients that I used to work with. I’ll leave now!”

Noticing that Yu Yuehan absolutely did not have eyes for her, she gritted her teeth when she finished her words.

Crestfallen, she lowered her head and left.

In the private room.

From the moment Yu Yuehan that appeared, no one cared about Wen Yadai.

Nian Xiaomu blinked her animated eyes repeatedly as she stood in front of the piano in shock and stared at the man before her. She was unable to react for quite a while.

Hadn’t the secretary mentioned that he did not like to attend gatherings like this?

He would have rejected it straightforwardly in the past.

As such, she did not specially inform him about today and brought the secretary along with her before the president’s office could send a reply.

However, could anyone tell her why Yu Yuehan had headed over all of a sudden?

Furthermore, the expression on his face seemed to be a little ugly

At that moment and while she was still lost in her thoughts, his long and slender body had already made its way toward her. Lowering his gaze a little, he swept his face past hers.

His head came down extremely low.

He seemed to be checking her body for any hint of the smell of alcohol.

After he was sure that she had not been drinking, the look on his chilly face eased up a little.

Speaking in a deeper voice as well as at a volume that only she could hear, he opened his lips slowly and said, “Not bad. You were obedient and did not secretly drink alcohol when I wasn’t around.”