The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 413

Chapter 413 Scam Alert

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His voice was filled with magnetism.

Since they were both standing at a very close proximity to each other, the warm breath that he was exhaling hit her right on the tip of the nose.

It felt itchy.

As Nian Xiaomu lifted her head up and took a glance at his handsome face, she nearly went on tip-toe and kissed him.

She fought against her desire and wanted to retreat backward.

However, Yu Yuehan advanced a step forward whenever she retreated a step backward.

The distance between the two of them never grew apart.

Just when it seemed like she was about to collide with the secretary at any moment, Yu Yuehan finally stopped in his tracks. He looked up slowly and took a quick scan of the people present.

These few presidents, who were usually so overbearing and haughty when they were in their own companies, straightened their backs automatically when they caught sight of his scrutinizing gaze.

They snapped back out of their shock and greeted Yu Yuehan uniformly, “Young Master Han”

It had never crossed anyone’s mind that Yu Yuehan would actually attend a gathering in person.

When these few presidents saw him, they were shocked at first, then became pleasantly surprised.

Each and every one of them headed forward happily and greeted him.

The secretary was very quick in her reaction as well, and she immediately pulled a chair out for Yu Yuehan and invited him to have a seat.

His seat was right next to Nian Xiaomu.

As Yu Yuehan sat down, he picked up a glass of red wine and swirled the contents leisurely.

He did not drink and only stared at it.

He looked like a peeved child, waiting to be coaxed.

Nian Xiaomu reached out and scratched the back of her head; she felt that something was amiss, yet she couldn’t tell exactly what was amiss.

She pulled her chair out and sat beside him.

However, she managed to recall it very quickly. The fact that Yu Yuehan had attended the gathering in person was far more reassuring to these regular business partners!

Yu Yuehan had never once done a thing like this before.

Anyone would feel overwhelmed with flattery and honor!

Nian Xiaomu lifted her head up and took a glance. At this point in time, the expressions of the presidents who were sitting around the table had all completely changed.

All of them had a wine glass on hand and wanted to propose toasts to Yu Yuehan.

However, Yu Yuehan collected his gaze nonchalantly and said, “I happened to have the time, so I came over to take a look. Don’t mind me. You all can continue your conversations.”

When he finished his words, looks of confusion surfaced in the eyes of this group of presidents.

Nian Xiaomu lost her cool instantly when she saw what was happening. She reached out and tugged his shirt.

Lowering her voice, she reminded him, “Put in some good words for me since you are already here!”

When Yu Yuehan heard this, he took a sideways glance at her and said with an icy cold gaze, “Why should I help you?”

Nian Xiaomu: “”

Young Master Han, perhaps you have already given up on having a girlfriend.

Have you seen someone become single after just a second?

You will soon be able to witness it if you have not seen it before!

“It’s not impossible for me to help you” The corners of Yu Yuehan’s lips curved into a devilish smile as a treacherous ray of light shimmered in his eyes.

Nian Xiaomu was delighted when she heard that there was still room for discussion.

She immediately asked him what he meant with a movement of her eyes.

The next second, he responded, “Let’s sleep together tonight.”

“Ptui” Nian Xiaomu nearly spurted out the tea that had just entered her mouth.

She pulled out some tissue paper in a flurry and wiped her mouth.

Turning around, she glared at the man who sat beside her.

As if nothing had happened, Yu Yuehan sat in his seat calmly with no emotions on his face.

A sense of self-restraint seeped through every part of his body.

Nian Xiaomu cursed silently in her heart and called him a big bad wolf!

She sat back in her seat properly once again. Reaching out, she massaged her aching waist and pretended not to have heard what he said as she continued to chat with her clients.

However, as long as Yu Yuehan was around, the presidents present would definitely shift the topic and talk about something related to him.

Soon after, someone said, “I heard that Manager Nian was a talent that Young Master Han personally groomed. Young Master Han must claim some of the credit for the fact that Manager Nian is so outstanding!”