The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 415

Chapter 415 Chase Me Away? With Just You?

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For some unknown reason, judging from the sentence that he had said just now, she felt that he seemed to be declaring sovereignty.

Nian Xiaomu was wishfully waiting for him to praise her and had never expected him to blurted out such a sentence. She retracted her hand that he was holding and withdrew it from his palm.

Following which, she moved that hand to his thigh and pinched forcefully!

“Ah” Yu Yuehan sucked a chilly breath back in. He was in such pain that he had nearly crushed the wine glass in his hand.

He glanced sideway at the person beside him. With puffed up cheeks, she bared her fangs and brandished her claws just like a lobster. Using the power of her gaze, she warned him to speak about her properly!

Otherwise, he would have to be prepared to sleep on the sofa tonight!

Yu Yuehan gave a light cough. With a stern look, he said, “She is indeed capable. The Yu Corporation has always been strict about our employees and would never jeopardize our clients’ interests. Among all the new talents that I have met, she is the one with the highest potential in the business industry.”

He wasn’t just flattering her.

In fact, Nian Xiaomu had already caught him by surprise time after time with her talents.

It was true that she did not know anything, but she still performed very remarkably.

Even though she was a rookie, she had great foresight. Coupled with her sharp sense for business opportunities, she seemed just like a queen standing from a high place who had an inborn ability that could set the world to rights!

When Yu Yuehan thought of something, his gaze turned deep and profound

As he finished his sentence, the first person to be stunned was Nian Xiaomu, who was still baring her teeth.

He seemed to have frightened her as her lovable and good-looking face turned red immediately.

As she steadily sat back into her own seat, her hand that was pinching him retracted back as well and rested itself obediently on the chair.

She accepted the gazes that were fixated on her.

She cursed silently in her mind,This man indeed had the power the power to turn one’s legs to jelly the moment he became totally serious!

“Manager Nian is a heroine.”

“You must be highly capable in order to win recognition from Young Master Han!”

“Yeah, we feel reassured to be working together with Young Master Han and Manager Nian!”


As the praises came in an endless stream, the atmosphere returned to normal again. It was a joyous and harmonious sight.

Outside the private room.

Wen Yadai had drank a drop too much and had great difficulty dealing with the lecherous old man before she finally signed the proposal.

Walking out of the washroom alone, she supported herself by leaning against the wall.

With her bag in hand, she left in a hurry and did not dare look into the private room that Yu Yuehan was in.

She flagged down a cab and told the driver the Wen Family’s address.

She only woke up groggily when the car came to a halt. After she paid for her ride, she got out of the car and walked to the entrance before shouting at the guard to open the gate.

Before the guard at the gate appeared, someone whom she absolutely did not want to see came into view.

“Ey, what is this?! Why is our Miss Wen so drunk?” A middle-aged woman who was dressed luxuriously with an appearance that stood out was just returning home right at that moment.

When she saw Wen Yadai, she smiled at her and said, “Haha, look at this drunk, slutty look of yours. Are you still the high and mighty miss of the family? Why do you look like those women who sleep around? Those who have no idea might assume that the Wen Family is in dire straits!”

The one who was speaking was President Wen’s second wife, Zhang Mingyan.

It was a business marriage for both President Wen and Wen Yadai’s mother, so the couple did not have much feelings for each other.

After Madam Wen passed away due to illness, President Wen kept a woman on the outside, and this woman even gave birth to a son.

Initially, Wen Yadai was still well-adored by the Yu Family as she had once saved Yu Yuehan’s life. As such, President Wen did not dare to bring back Zhang Mingyan and her son or allow them to stay in the Wen Family home.

Now, however

Wen Yadai lifted her head up swiftly. Throwing a vicious stare at Zhang Mingyan, Wen Yadai erupted, “How dare a shady mistress like you flaunt your prowess in front of me? Trust me when I say that my dad will throw you and your cheap son out of the house with just a word from me!”

When Zhang Mingyan heard what she said, she covered her mouth immediately and laughed, replying, “Chase me away? With just you in your current state?”