The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 421

Chapter 421 Failure To Recognize A Great Person

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Zhang Qi sank into a complete state of panic the moment she saw Shangxin approaching her

Trembling, she asked, “What did you mean by that sentence just now?”

The emcee beside them moved forward as well and asked excitedly, “Shangxin, was everything that you said just now true? Are you really willing to attend our event? But the appearance fees that we pay are”

The host turned awkward for a moment.

Everyone was aware of the value of Shangxin’s brand.

One shouldn’t expect that she would appear anywhere with an ordinary appearance fee, much less attend an event!

However, a high budget had not been allocated for the publicity expenses for this event.

The moment Zhang Qi heard the two words “appearance fees,” she seemed to be clutching her last live-saving straw as she stood up with a whoosh.

“Shangxin, don’t get cheated by them. You deserve so much more than to work this event for peanuts. Your status will surely be degraded if you work here!”

After she finished her piece, she secretly felt pleased when she noticed that Shangxin remained silent and did not reply to her.

No one in the entertainment industry would do such a thankless task.

Let’s see if Nian Xiaomu would still kneel down obediently and kowtow to her in apology after Shangxin’s rejection!

However, even after Zhang Qi had waited for a while, Shangxin did not seem to have any thoughts of rejecting.

Just when Zhang Qi could no longer keep her cool and was about to say something further, Shangxin had already looked at the host and said, “I’m spending personal time today. You don’t need to give me any appearance fee. I’ll help out for free.”

Help out for free

Just like a clap of thunder, these four words resounded directly in Zhang Qi’s head!

Shangxin, being an entertainer who had always been so difficult to book, had actually agreed to work for free.

With Shangxin around, nobody would care about Zhang Qi even if she knelt down and begged Nian Xiaomu to let her onstage, much less ask Nian Xiaomu to kneel down in front of her!

Zhang Qi turned anxious and wanted to speak up when she thought about the penalty fees. Before she could do so, Nian Xiaomu had already taken a step forward and cast a chilly glance at her.

“I have already instructed my secretary to record everything you have said just now. In view of Miss Zhang Qi’s refusal to perform according to the needs of the event, we will provide the necessary evidence to the investors and you shall compensate for the penalty fees accordingly. Wait for our lawyer’s letter!”


Zhang Qi’s knees wobbled before she fell right to the ground.

However, Nian Xiaomu did not take another glance at her. Pulling Shangxin with her, she followed the emcee and headed to the event venue.

No one had ever thought that they would bump into Shangxin here.

Furthermore, for the reporters at the event venue, it did not cross their mind that they would be able to snag such major headline in the end. All they did was casually attend a media launch, and they had only been planning to send a wire copy in order to complete the job!

A minor event that only comprised of photo taking and interviews had turned into a live show all of a sudden.

It instantly took over and became headline news on all the media channels!

Nian Xiaomu’s cell phone was swarmed with thankful text messages from President Fang.

He even apologized incessantly for making impertinent remarks to her yesterday.

He had totally turned into a mini-fan of Nian Xiaomu and felt a heartfelt admiration toward her: [I had failed to recognize such a great person like you. Indeed, I will not have to worry about my livelihood whenever I am working with Manager Nian!]

After Nian Xiaomu replied to President Fang’s text messages, she finally lifted her head up and looked at Shangxin, who was giving an interview onstage.

She had lost weight.

From the start, she had not been meaty at all with that tall and slender figure of hers. Now, she looked even more weak and frail.

Her complexion did not appear as great as before either.

Where had she been all this time?

Nian Xiaomu waited at the bottom of the stage. When the interview was over, she walked forward with a coat and draped it around Shangxin.

At the same time, she also instructed the secretary to pass her the red date wine that she had bought.

“You don’t look so good. Drinking this in the winter is good for your body.”

Shangxin did not speak. As she shifted away from the line of sight of the media reporters, she took the drink and drank it silently.

A long while later, she suddenly opened her mouth and asked, “Xiao Mumu, could you come have a drink with me?”