The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Was I Wrong?

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Have a drink

Nian Xiaomus eyes sparkled! However, the light in her eyes dimmed soon after.

As she thought about her waist that was still feeling sore and wobbly, she coughed lightly and said, You dont look so good. Plus, its been a while since we last met. Lets have a good chat in a cafe instead, shall we?

As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she tugged Shangxin by the hand and headed out of the event venue.

There were many reporters at the main entrance of the hotel, so they exited from the back entrance.

Just when Nian Xiaomu was about to flag down a cab, Shangxin gave her a tug and said, My car is parked in the parking lot.

As she said this, she asked Nian Xiaomu to wait for her here while she headed off alone and drove the car over to pick her up.

Nian Xiaomu only thought of a very important question after she got in the car.

I had forgotten to ask you this, but why are you here? Previously, I heard that heard that Nian Xiaomu deliberated on whether she should pop the question in a straightforward manner.

In the beginning, she was not aware that Tang Yuansi had gone on a blind date and only pestered Yu Yuehan about it when she could not contact Shangxin.

He couldnt take her pestering and leaked the details out by accident.

However, Shangxin had already disappeared at that point in time.

No one knew where she had gone.

Even Yu Yuehan couldnt track her down either. He could only assure Nian Xiaomu time and again that Shangxin was not an ordinarily person and that she would not be in danger.

Nian Xiaomu only heaved a sigh of relief after she heard this.

She didnt expect to see Shangxin at the event venue today

When Shangxin heard her inquiry, she tightened her grip in the hand that was holding the steering wheel.

A smile appeared on her face instead. Pretending that nothing has happened, she said, I was in a bad mood earlier and took a trip to visit home. I just came back and was goofing off in the hotel. I certainly hadnt expected that I would coincidentally meet you.

All of a sudden, the car sank into silence for a moment.

Both of their expressions seemed a little peculiar.

Nian Xiaomu was afraid of bringing up Shangxins sore spot while Shangxin was trying hard to pretend that she was alright.

They reached the cafe in no time.

Due to Shangxins popularity, she put on a face mask and a baseball cap after she parked her car.

Both of them found a nice seat by the corner.

The moment they sat down, Nian Xiaomu ordered a cup of coffee for herself as well as a cup of hot cocoa for Shangxin.

Shangxin was stunned. With a smile, she said, You dont let me drink alcohol, and you are banning me from having coffee as well?

Your complexion really doesnt look good. Moreover, you dealt with so many reporters just nowdrinking some hot cocoa can help you replenish your energy, Nian Xiaomu replied as a matter of course.

Nian Xiaomu instructed the service staff to prepare their orders before Shangxin could protest against it.

Just when Nian Xiaomu was hesitating about whether she should tell Shangxin that she was dating Yu Yuehan, Shangxin spoke up first and asked,

Actually, I know in my heart that love cannot be forced. I just dont understand how a person who used to care so much about you can suddenly decide not to care about you anymore

Shangxin held the glass of water before her. Due to the constrained emotions within her, her eyes reddened.

She tilted her head up slightly to prevent herself from crying.

Images her witnessing Tang Yuansi going on that blind date flashed past her mind incessantly.

She had originally been certain that she still held a place in his heart.

She was willing to wait for him even if he refused to see her.

When she heard news of him going on a blind date, she had still naively thought that all of the chatter was simply rumor

However, she couldnt lie to herself anymore when she saw him appear at the restaurant with her own eyes.

It was real. Her Brother Xiaosi did not want her anymore

Shangxin lowered her head a bit. She was unable to hold back her emotions as huge teardrops fell directly into the glass of water.

Nian Xiaomus heart ached when she saw Shangxin in this state. Grabbing ahold of Shangxins hand subconsciously, Nian Xiaomu blurted out, No, it isnt true that Tang Yuansi no longer cares about you!