The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 424

Chapter 424 It's Over It's Over

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“Shangxin!” Nian Xiaomu stood up hurriedly and reached out to grab ahold of her.

She was worried that Shangxin would act on impulse and end up hurting herself.

Since Tang Yuansi wasn’t willing to let her know back then, even if she were to go now, she would not be able to get anything out of him.

Furthermore, what if Tang Yuansi resorted to saying some hurtful words to deter her from probing further? What would Shangxin do?

When Nian Xiaomu thought about this, she gritted her teeth and said, “I don’t feel safe letting you go on your own. I’ll accompany you!”

“It’s fine. I’m alright.” When Shangxin heard her words, she calmed down.

“Ever since he returned to the Tang Family, he has been avoiding me. I’ve also dealt with all the awful things he has said to me. I’m not that weak.”

In the past, she would not believe those words.

Now that she knew that her Brother Xiaosi still cared about her, she would not be fooled all the more!

Shangxin cleaned the tears from her face and broke into a smile.

Then, she suddenly reached out to give Nian Xiaomu a hug and said, “Xiao Mumu, thank you!”

Nian Xiaomu: “”

Very quickly, Shangxin went off on her own.

Nian Xiaomu was left by herself in the cafe. Watching Shangxin leave, her heart felt rather uneasy.

After thinking about it, she settled the bill, grabbed her handbag, and left.

Then, she hailed a taxi and returned to the Yu Family villa.

Once the butler saw her, he tipped her off immediately and said, “Miss Nian, Young Master is back and is in the living room.”

Nian Xiaomu walked into the living room and saw a man sitting on the sofa that was made from authentic leather.

His sturdy body was leaning against the side of the seat with his long legs lazily crossed. Propping his head with one hand, he was reading a magazine.

His side profile was drop-dead gorgeous.

The first two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, revealing the honey-colored skin tone of his muscular chest and the reddish streaks caused by her fingernails

Nian Xiaomu’s face flushed red.

As her mind started to flash through the Rated 21 images of events that had occurred between the two of them, her waist started to ache again.

Then, she recalled that he had delivered a present to her at the office.

He better not think that a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate would make her forgive him for bullying her!

Nian Xiaomu rolled her animated eyes as she walked over and sat down across from Yu Yuehan.

She imitated his posture and crossed her legs on the sofa, waiting for him to speak first.

However, after a while, Yu Yuehan only looked at her and did not appear to have anything to say. Instead, he reached out toward her and tried to hug her.

Nian Xiaomu pushed his arm away without hesitation.

Enunciating every word clearly and slowly, she said, “I used to think that red roses were beautiful, but now they’re ugly to me. I’ve thrown them away!”

“” Taken aback, Yu Yuehan lifted his eyes to look at her.

The expression on his face was hard to describe with words.

He parted his lips slightly, preparing to speak, but Nian Xiaomu interrupted him and raised her voice even more loudly this time.

“The chocolates are okay, but I didn’t like them that much, so I distributed them among my colleagues.”


“Don’t think you can just follow any strategy that you learned from the internet to coax me. It’s not so easy to appease the wrath of a goddess!” Nian Xiaomu adjusted herself on the sofa and straightened her back as she glared at Yu Yuehan.

Men cannot be spoiled.

If they are not disciplined properly, they will cause mischief!

The living room suddenly became very silent.

Both of them faced each other, but did not say a word.

It was as if they were having a battle of patience No, wait. Why was the expression on his face so strange?

Nian Xiaomu felt a chill run down her spine as he continued staring at her with his dark eyes. She lost her cool and demanded, “Yu Yuehan, don’t you have some explaining to do?!”

“Yes,” Yu Yuehan said slowly, “but I did not send you any flowers or chocolate today.”