The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 428

Chapter 428 She Wasn't On Her Own

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Tang Yuansi was not willing to see her

When Shangxin received this message, her body went weak, but very quickly, she found her balance.

Biting her lip, she stubbornly stood rooted to the ground.

The snow fell more heavily in the night.

As the cold wind blew past her, it stung like blades cutting through her skin.

As her head and shoulders were covered with snowflakes, her frail and slender figure that was standing in the snow blended in with the white background.

The security guard walked out a few times and tried to persuade her to leave, but gave up when she still refused to relent.

Night fell.

The Tang Family villa was still brightly lit.

It was a stark contrast compared to the bleak scene outside.

As the butler headed outside with a bowl of ginger soup in his hands, he caught sight of Tang Yuansi, blocked by a door, and also standing in the snow just a hundred meters away from Shangxin.

The butler quickened his steps and pleaded, “Young Master, your body cannot take the cold. Please drink up the ginger soup and come back to the living room!”

Tang Yuansi did not budge at all.

Even his gaze remained fixated on Shangxin.

Seeing her figure in the frosty wind, green veins popped up on Tang Yuansi’s hands as he balled up his fists.

He had to hold himself back to prevent himself from going over and hugging her in his arms.

Hearing the butler’s words, his eyes lit up as he glanced over at the bowl of ginger soup in the butler’s hands.

“Send it over to her.”

“What?” the butler exclaimed in shock. He soon regained his composure and asked, “But Young Master?”

Before the butler could finish what he wanted to say, Tang Yuansi’s cold gaze stopped him from saying any more. Carrying the soup in his hands, he headed toward to the main door and walked up to Shangxin.

“Miss Shangxin, it’s too cold and you’ve been standing here for so long. How can your body take it? I got the kitchen to prepare this bowl of ginger soup. Please drink it up!” As the butler spoke, he passed the soup to her.

Since Shangxin had been standing for too long, her body was a bit stiff.

As she looked at the butler and the piping hot soup in front of her, her heart skipped a beat.

“Who asked you to send it? It was Brother Xiaosi, right?”

Since he still cared about her, why wouldn’t he come out to see her?

The very next second, the butler explained, “Young Master was worn out from work and is already sleeping. This ginger soup is from me. Young Master doesn’t know about it.”

Upon hearing this, Shangxin’s smile froze on her face.

When she looked at the ginger soup again, it was more like a mockery.

Stepping back, she tightened her fists as her eyes welled up with tears.

Afraid to let anyone see her this way, she turned away and said, “I’m not drinking it. Take it away.”

“Miss Shangxin” The butler could not persuade her further because she had already turned around, refusing to listen.

The butler let out a long sigh as he carried the soup in his hands.

It wasn’t the first time this had happened.

It obviously broke Young Master’s heart to see Shangxin this way, but he would not meet with her.

He would stand and watch her for as long as she stayed outside. Every time after this, he would fall sick for a few days.

The butler’s face was filled with heartache for his young master.

However, he could not persuade either of them to give up, so he could only carry the soup back into the house.

Even without the butler’s update, Tang Yuansi had already seen what had happened outside.

When she heard that it wasn’t him who had instructed the butler to deliver the ginger soup, her eyes were brimming with tears on her frozen little face

Every bit of this scene pierced through his heart like a dagger.

How he longed to hold her in his arms. He would brush off the snowflakes on her head, hold her hand with his, and give her some warmth.

How he wished he could

Yet, it filled his heart to be able to look at her from afar even if there was nothing he could do.