The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 429

Chapter 429 The Deep Unspeakable Love

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The butler returned back to his side in no time and said worryingly, “Young Master, the problem still will not be resolved if we continue to allow her to stand there. I heard from the security guard that Miss Shangxin said that she will not leave unless she sees you today.”

In his entire life, the butler had never seen a girl who had as much determination as Shangxin.

She was still waiting for that person without any complaints even when she had suffered numerous blows and had frequently been given the cold shoulder.

The butler did not doubt her at all when she said that she would continue to stand there for the entire night

Tang Yuansi stayed silent for a very long while.

All of a sudden, he turned around and headed toward the garage.

He was getting ready to leave the Tang Family villa and drive away by car.

As long as he wasn’t at home, she would get the message that no matter how long she waited, it would come to no avail.

“Young Master, it’s getting late. Where are you heading to? It’s too cold outside, and your body can’t take the chill” The butler rushed up and followed him anxiously, but the car drove away in just the blink of an eye.

It drove out of the main entrance.

The determination in Shangxin’s eyes remained unwavering as the headlights of the car shone on her pale face.

She was really planning on standing here throughout the night

What exactly had happened that made her want to see him today, no matter what?

Tang Yuansi’s eyes narrowed. He only hesitated for a second before he stepped on the accelerator and prepared to leave.

It had never crossed Shangxin’s mind that she would see him at that moment.

He did not bring his chauffeur along and was driving by himself instead.

His gaze toward her looked so cold and detached; it was so cold that it was as if she were a complete stranger to him

This chilly attitude of his was completely different from the man that Nian Xiaomu had mentioned, the one who had been so concerned about her.

Shangxin knitted her eyebrows. Seemingly agitated, she turned around suddenly and threw herself in front of his car!


Tang Yuansi stepped on the brakes almost instantly.

However, due to the inertia of the car, it still skidded forward a little.

Shangxin fell butt first upon the ground!

“Xiao Xinxin” Tang Yuansi’s face turned ghastly pale in a split second as he gripped the steering wheel with both of his hands.

With no time to care about other matters, he reached out, unbuckled his seat belt, and immediately dashed out of the car.

He went to the front of the car and carried her in his arms. Following which, he shouted at the security guards at the gate, “Why are you still standing there? Call an ambulance now!”

A hand tugged on the sleeve of his shirt the moment he finished his words.

She was holding onto it with a lot of force; it was as if she were afraid that the man before her was simply a part of her hallucination.

Choking with emotion, she said, “I am fine”


The more concerned one was, the more confusion one would be thrown in.

Tang Yuansi only noticed at this moment that the area where she had fallen was a distance away from the front of the car.

He did not bump into her with his car; she had merely fallen on her own.

However, his heartbeat was out of sync. His heart had never pounded as fast as it was in this moment. It was a suffocating feeling, as if something was squeezing tightly around his heart and making him unable to breathe.

Due to the worry he felt, an anger that could not be retrained rose in his chest as well.

Reaching out, he shook her shoulders and asked, “Do you want to kill yourself? Did you think about the consequences if I had not braked in time?!”

After Tang Yuansi was done yelling, he released his grip on her. Turning around, he prepared to take his leave.

Shangxin grabbed ahold of his arm forcefully and asked, “Would you care if I really wanted to kill myself?”

“” Tang Yuansi paused in his steps.

Unconsciously, he had clenched his hands into balled up fists and did not answer her as he pursed his thin lips tightly.

Shangxin walked forward to face him. Putting on a stubborn look, she stared fixedly at him and said, “I know everything. You were the one who saved me the other time. Why do you have to push me away when you obviously care about me?”

The tears that she had tried so hard to restrain trickled down from her eyes.

Shangxin reached out and wiped her tears away in a straightforward manner. Following which, she stared at him with her pair of beautiful and sparkling eyes.

“Tang Yuansi, is it so hard for you to admit that you like me?”