The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Do you like him?

Did he have bionic eyes? He actually could see that she was upstairs.

Nian Xiaomu's heart skipped a beat as she reached out to push the door open.

"The butler said that you had brought Xiao Liuliu upstairs..." she spoke immediately as she entered the room.

The master bedroom was huge.

It was decorated in the Mediterranean style; simple yet classic. It was similar to his study room; elegant, luxurious, and silently oppressive at the same time.

Perhaps it was because of that bowl of soup, but she felt that she now had to cower in front of him and was unable to lift her head up.

Yu Yuehan was standing in front of the sofa with a doll in his hand and playing with Xiao Liuliu.

The sight of that cute doll in his hand had a contrasting effect, but there was no sign of impatience on his face.

However, the look that he gave her was penetratively chilling.

"You still remember that you're here to look after Xiao Liuliu?"

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

"I remember telling you before to stay close to Xiao Liuliu and to look after her. Where were you just now?" Yu Yuehan placed the doll down as his strapping figure walked toward her. His eyes were deep and soulful, like a deep whirlpool.

"Madam said that she couldn't walk properly and asked me to escort her back to the small courtyard. I came back as soon as possible," Nian Xiaomu replied obediently as a streak of guile swept across her face.

"That's all?" Narrowing his eyes, Yu Yuehan did not miss any expression on her face.

"Mmm." Nian Xiaomu nodded without hesitation.

Yu Yuehan was about to say something, but a small hand kept tugging at his trousers.

He looked down and saw that the cuddly little ball, who had just been sitting on the sofa, was now puffing up her cheeks and glaring at him with displeasure.

"Daddi, you cannot bully Pretty Sister!"


"Xiao Liuliu loves Pretty Sister the most!"

"..." Wasn't he the one she liked the most in the past?

How long had she known Nian Xiaomu? Her heart was already with an outsider!

Yu Yuehan's face darkened. The cuddly little ball who was just at his feet had hobbled over to Nian Xiaomu, grabbing her feet to ask to be carried.

Yu Yuehan's eyebrows bunched together even more tightly.

Why did he feel that he was about to lose favor?

"Young Master, may I change the dressing for Little Mistress?" Nian Xiaomu asked respectfully as she bent over to lift Xiao Liuliu up.

"..." All of a sudden she was well-mannered. Yu Yuehan could not get used to it.

He took a good look at her.

He sensed that she was in a good mood and did not appear to have been bullied by Cheng Xiulu. He felt a strange sense of relief in his heart.

Then, sensing his own unusual reaction, his eyebrows furrowed together.

"Change Xiao Liuliu's dressing." He sternly gave his instructions and sat down on the sofa.

That long frame leaned against the back of the sofa.

Looking at his posture, it seemed like he was going to supervise her while she changed the dressing?

Nian Xiaomu was surprised, but quickly recovered her senses and went to get the medical kit.

Xiao Liuliu was very obedient. Even when her playtime was disrupted, she did not fuss.

She nestled in Nian Xiaomu's arms and cooperatively stretched out her injured arm to let Nian Xiaomu change the dressing.

"The wound healed very well and scabs are now starting to form. It might itch a bit these next few days, but Xiao Liuliu, you cannot use your hands to scratch, okay?" Nian Xiaomu pinched Xiao Liuliu's delicate little face as she instructed her.

The little girl heard her words, tumbled out of her arms, and suddenly asked a question, "Pretty Sister, do you think that my daddi is handsome?"


"Great-grandma says that many, many people like my daddi. Do you like my daddi?"