The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 430

Chapter 430 I Like Her She's The Only One I Like

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“” It had never crossed Tang Yuansi’s mind that this was the only reason why she was here for him.

She had already known everything.

The gaze in his eyes dimmed while the nerves in his body tightened, just like a bowstring that was stretched taut.

He didn’t remember when he had started to develop a fondness toward her.

He only remembered that she had always been in his heart from the first time that he saw her.

At that point in time, he had just been an uncommunicative and parentless orphan from the orphanage.

Other people felt that he was antisocial and gradually started to drift away from him.

While the both of them were obviously from two different worlds, she was the only one who would always find excuses to go to the orphanage and look for him.

She would accompany him in the rundown library and would usually hang around that place for the entire day.

Both of them became siblings in name after he was adopted.

She stuck around him more often and surrounded him the entire time, trying her best to amuse him

At that point in time, she was still very young, and her little brain couldn’t think of any good jokes. As such, he would always laugh out loud whenever she finished her story-telling, just to act in concert with her.

He would feel very content upon seeing the sweet smile on her face

He, too, had once thought that the both of them would continue to live in bliss together.

They were both childhood friends, both young and innocent.

Plus, he thought that he could watch over her forever

Tang Yuansi collected his gaze and hid the surging emotions in his eyes. Just when he wanted to say something, the cell phone in her bag rang.

She did not answer the call. The phone stopped ringing, then continued to ring once more.

It seemed like there was some sort of emergency.

After it rang a few more times, Shangxin took a glance at Tang Yuansi, who had stayed silent the entire time. Lowering her head, she dug her phone out.

She reached out and answered the phone when she realized that it was a call from her manager.

“Shangxin, look at the latest news. President Tang is getting engaged!” the anxious voice of her manager sounded from the other end of the phone call.

“” Shangxin stared blankly.

She took a glance at Tang Yuansi, who was standing in front of her.

It was as if she couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

A long while later, she finally snapped back to her senses and opened up the news application on her phone.

The headline that had just been published was still fresh from the oven: [Breaking! The newly minted Madam President of the Tang Corporation revealed! They will be engaged very soon!]

A few photos were attached below the striking headline as well.

She had seen the woman in the photo before.

It was the woman who had gone on a blind date with him the other day.

However, the two of them were not wearing the same clothes from the blind date in the photos.

In other words, this meant that the two of them still kept in contact with each other after the first date

Shangxin trembled all over. As she raised up the cell phone in her hand, she turned the screen around to face Tang Yuansi and asked, “Is this real?”


Tang Yuansi swept his gaze at the news on the screen. All he did was frown without explaining.

The silence meant that he was admitting to it.

Shangxin loosened her grip, and the cell phone fell to the ground. As she retreated backward with unsteady steps, she lifted her head up. Forcing her tears back, she asked, “What am I then? What about those promises that you made to me?”

He promised that he would always be with her.

He promised that he would never release his grip on her no matter what happened.

He promised that it did not matter when, but he would always appear if she met with any danger

She remembered everything that he had promised.

However, he had forgotten about them

Tang Yuansi stared at her. A long while later, he slowly said, “I told you from the start that the both of us could never be together, that it would be best for both sides if you let go early.”

This single sentence seemed to have exhausted all the energy within him.

He bypassed her and got ready to leave the moment he finished his sentence.

Just as he took his first step away, Shangxin’s voice sounded from behind him, “Did you think that I would be baited by this fake news?”

She walked in front of him to face him and stared at him with a burning gaze.

“You wanted me to let go, right? Very well. Accompany me for one night, and I promise you that I will let go after you have served me until I am satisfied!”