The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 431

Chapter 431 The News Is Fake

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In the Yu villa.

Nian Xiaomu stood rooted to the ground the moment she received the news, and she stared at the butler, shocked.

“What did you say? Tang Yuansi is getting engaged”

She had just left Shangxin a moment ago. Since it was such a short period of time, it might be possible that Shangxin had not seen Tang Yuansi yet.

Could she be the one who was getting engaged to Tang Yuansi?

Nian Xiaomu dug out her phone hurriedly and opened up the news application.

She became panicked the moment she saw the high resolution photos on the internet!

“Shangxin wasn’t the one who announced the engagement with Tang Yuansi. Damn! Something bad will surely happen to Shangxin if she goes to look for Tang Yuansi at this point in time” Nian Xiaomu picked up her bag in a flurry and ran out.

Reaching out, Yu Yuehan pulled her back and said with sunken eyebrows, “Calm down!”

“Let go of me firstyou didn’t see what Shangxin looked like today. Tang Yuansi merely went on a blind date, yet Shangxin already reacted so poorly to it. If she happens to the news by any chance I need to look for her now!”

Nian Xiaomu was about to struggle away from his grip as she said that, but Yu Yuehan had already pulled her forcefully into his embrace.

“Yu Yuehan”

Anxious, Nian Xiaomu wanted to push him away, but his deep voice rang beside her ears all of a sudden.

“The news is fake.”

Nian Xiaomu was trapped in a trance.

Blinking her eyes, she leaned against his chest and forgot how she should react.

After a while, she lifted her head up gradually and stared at him in confusion.

How did he know that it was fake when the media had already announced news of the engagement?

Could he be consoling her

“Tang Yuansi knows Shangxin’s temperament better than you do. He would not use this method to force Shangxin to let go unless it was absolutely essential!” Yu Yuehan understood her doubts and explained indifferently.

He dragged her back to the sofa and placed her there.

Immediately, Nian Xiaomu crossed her legs and asked anxiously, “Why is it was absolutely essential to do this now?”

Yu Yuehan shot her a glance the moment she finished her query.

He took the cell phone from her hand and scanned through the news.

“The Tang Family is not an ordinary family. If the President of the Tang Corporation wanted to announce news of his engagement, he would not pick such an inconspicuous tabloid magazine.” He took a sideways glance at the butler the moment he finished his words.

“Send someone to ask around and find out the source of the news. Put your focus on the woman who went on the blind date with Tang Yuansi.”

Instantly, Nian Xiaomu seemed to have understood things properly the moment she heard this.

She took back her cell phone from him and read the news again.

Indeed, it was merely a small-scale and inconspicuous magazine publisher that had announced the news.

It wouldn’t have attracted the attention of so many people if not for the shocking aspect of the news.

Furthermore, judging from the angle, the photographs were obviously taken in secret!

Why would the Tang Family use such photographs if they wanted to announce an engagement

The moment the butler left, Nian Xiaomu threw herself into Yu Yuehan’s embrace and asked anxiously, “We nearly misunderstood even though we were merely spectators, but Shangxin might not be able to see through this if she sees the news!”

Shangxin undertook great difficulty before she had finally mustered the courage to look for Tang Yuansi. Wouldn’t it be like a bolt from the blue if she saw the news at this point in time?”

It would still be alright if Tang Yuansi bothered to explain. However, what would she do if he did not explain and admitted to it instead?

No, she needed to give Shangxin a call!

She had to at least be certain of her current wellbeing.

Nian Xiaomu grabbed her cell phone and dialed Shangxin’s number.

Yu Yuehan hugged her and did not stop her when he saw the anxious look on her face.

The call went through in no time.

However, it took a moment of ringing before someone finally answered the call.

Nian Xiaomu could not be bothered about other things and quickly asked, “Shangxin, where are you? I’ll head over to find you now”