The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 433

Chapter 433 Puffed Up With Anger

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He was already surrounded by a bunch of women before he could find her.

“Sir, are you alone? Do you want to have a drink together?” A daring lady was already leaning against his body and stroking his chest.

Before she could move her hand up to his chin, Tang Yuansi had already grabbed that hand.

He flung it away forcefully and warned coldly, “Don’t touch me!”

The people surrounding him were instantly intimidated by that chilly attitude of his; none of them dared to head forward as they held their wine glasses in their hands.

The woman who had wanted to seduce him just now tried her best to balance herself. Following which, she lowered her head and left in total embarrassment.

Tang Yuansi was not at all bothered by all of this because he was swarmed with the thought of finding Shangxin, who had left angrily and out of spite.

She had been very obedient when she was young and would not disobey him by doing anything that he frowned against.

However, he knew that she actually had a very stubborn temper.

She was definitely not threatening him with the words that she had said just now.

If he did not hurry and find her, she might just do something that she would regret for the rest of her life!

Tang Yuansi searched all of the seats at the small tables, but did not see her. Just when he was about to search the private rooms, he seemed to have caught a glance of something from the corner of his eye. Pausing in his steps, he turned around and looked in the direction of the bar counter.

Shangxin’s frail body was sitting right on a high stool in front of the bar counter.

Other than wearing a baseball cap, she had a scarf wrapped around her face and was sitting near a pillar by the bar counter; one would surely not notice that someone was seated there if they did not look closely.

Tang Yuansi heaved a sigh of relief instantly and did not head forward.

He watched her from a short distance away.

Due to the fact she was sitting quietly in front of the bar counter with a slightly confused look on her face, she might not have been to such places before. With that obedient sitting posture of hers, she did not fit in with the crowd here at all.

When Tang Yuansi saw this scene, his chest seemed to be struck by something, and he suddenly felt unwell.

He was in so much pain that he wanted to bend down.

The next second, he saw that she had picked up the wine glass in front of her and was getting reading to drink.

Before Shangxin’s lips could touch the wine glass, a hand stopped her.

She turned around and only now realized that someone was beside her.

Tang Yuansi almost didn’t have any hint of hesitation as he downed all the alcohol in the glass. After he placed the wine glass on the bar, he grabbed her hand and said, “Come back with me!”

Shangxin was slightly stunned in the moment that she saw him.

Soon after, her gaze returned back to normal.

“Who are you to me? Why must I listen to you?”

She sat back at the bar counter and ordered another glass of alcohol for herself.

She gave him a taste of the indifferent attitude that he had given her before.

Tang Yuansi narrowed his eyes. Picking up the wine glass in front of her, he drank on her behalf again.

He sat beside her without a word.

He did not speak any further and simply sat there.

As long as she ordered alcohol, he would drink it all.

Shangxin simply sat there blankly; she was puffed up with anger, but could only turn around and glare at him.

However, Tang Yuansi remained unmoved and allowed her to glare at him.

With him around, as well as the cap and scarf that Shangxin wore to cover most of her facial features, no one dared to come forward and hit on her.

In the end, Shangxin was unclear if she was the one who was acting out of spite toward him or if was he the one who was acting out of spite toward her.

She paid the bill angrily and headed straight out of the bar.

Surprisingly, the cool wind that blew directly against her face calmed her agitated mood down.

Just when she was about to reach out and wrap her clothes around herself more tightly, a coat was draped over her body.

She was taken aback and recognized that it was Tang Yuansi’s coat when she lowered her head to take a look. Without another word, she removed it and threw it back to him.

The corner of her mouth curved into a sneer when she saw his slightly pale face.

“Don’t you worry, I wouldn’t wallow in degeneration. You can leave. I am heading home to sleep now.”