The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 434

Chapter 434 Betray Everything Except For Deep Love

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She turned around and entered her car the moment she finished her piece. Just when she was about to start the engine, someone suddenly opened the passenger door.

Tang Yuansi sat in the passenger seat and automatically buckled the seat belt for himself.

With a sideways glance, he looked at her and said, “I can’t drive because I had some alcohol. I’ll send you back.”

Shangxin: “”

What a tactic to send her back

Why did he not directly say that he did not believe what she had said and hence wanted to continue monitoring her until he had made sure that she went home?

Shangxin looked away to hide the disappointment in her eyes.

She started the engine and drove off toward the direction of the hotel.

When the car came to a stop outside the entrance of the five star hotel, she saw the changes in his expression very clearly, and a smile of self-mockery appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“You don’t have to look at me like that. I am taking a vacation now and have been staying here for a period of time. I wasn’t planning on bringing you to a hotel just so I can have sex.”


Tang Yuansi’s eyebrows remain knitted and he pursed his thin lips tightly.

He stared fixedly at her and did not explain himself.

He followed and got out of the car with her. However, he reached out and massaged his chest as he stepped out of the car. He didn’t look good.

He did not drink alcohol very often and did not have a high tolerance for liquor.

Shangxin was in a fit of anger just now and had asked for hard liquor for every single one of her drink orders just now. One glass was fine, but the the delayed effect turned out to be very strong after he drank a few glasses continuously.

The color on his face transformed from a ghastly white to a blushing red.

His breathing turned rapid as well.

As he followed her and walked into the hotel, he reached out to massage his temple every now and then so that he could remain sober and send her back to her room safely.

His handsome figure stopped in its tracks immediately when she swiped the door lock and opened the door to her room.

He looked away in an attempt to hide the reluctant-to-part expression in his eyes.

He watched as her figure disappeared by the side of the door

The next second, she walked out again and lifted her head up to look at him.

An inconcealable sadness swarmed her eyes. She seemed to be bidding him farewell for the very last time as she asked, “Brother Xiaosi, could you hug me one more time? Just like how you did when we were young. One time will do”


As Tang Yuansi stared at her delicate and pretty face, scenes that the both of them had shared flashed past him.

She laughed and cried.

Her gracefulness and craftiness

Everything about her seemed like a documentary movie, one that was well-preserved in his brain.

He knew that he shouldn’t do it, but his body seemed to be out of his control as he walked forward. Reaching out, he grasped the back of her head and shoved her into his embrace forcefully.

He hugged her tightly and wanted to push her right into his body so badly!

He froze when he sensed that his chest had become wet.

She was crying silently. However, she could not hold back her tears as her shoulders trembled incessantly

Tang Yuansi’s heart seemed to be strangled by a huge hand, and it was so painful that he couldn’t breathe.

All of a sudden, he reached out and cupped her face in his hands.

“Don’t cry, my Xiao Xinxin”

As he stroked her face lightly with his coarse finger, he was so gentle that he seemed to be wiping some priceless treasure clean.

He was mumbling softly to console her, but at the same time, it seemed like he was talking to himself as well.

Shangxin broke down completely when he said those words that she knew so well in such a loving tone.

Her tears poured out like a streaming waterfall

He couldn’t finish wiping away those tears no matter what.

Lowering his head, he planted a kiss on the corner of her eye.

And then, on her face.

Bit by bit, he kissed away all the tear stains on her face. However, he did not shift his thin lips away and sealed her lips instead!

The suppressed feelings within him were just like the surging Yellow Riverthey got out of hand.

Her sweet look seemed like a drug.

He got addicted to it at the very beginning when he first met her.

Tang Yuansi’s eyes were overflowing with deep love as he fixed his gaze on the person in front of him. Lifting her up in his arms, he took big steps into the room