The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 435

Chapter 435 Daily Dose Of Sweetness 1

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On the top floor of a skyscraper.

In a minimalistic and elegant office.

Fan Yu was holding a glass of red wine as he stood in front of a French window.

His dark brown eyes listlessly looked out of the window at the moonlight. There was no emotion on his handsome face.

He had not even drank any of the wine

Holding the glass in his hand, he stared out of the window.

However, there was an air of lonesomeness and desolation about him, as if he had been abandoned by the entire world and was only left with the moonlight

The image of the person who used to love calling him “Brother Fan Yu” flashed past his mind.

When they parted, her eyes were red, but she did not cry.

She only pointed to the moon and smiled at him, saying, “When Brother Fan Yu misses me in the future, just look up at the moon. No matter how far apart we are, it will be like we are together.”

Fan Yu tightened his grip on the wine glass.

The moon remained unchanged, but without her by his side, admiring a beautiful moon was meaningless to him.

The door of his office was pushed open, and his assistant walked in.

Hearing his voice, Fan Yu turned around and looked up slowly. He had resumed a composed expression on his face as he asked, “Have you looked into Nian Xiaomu’s background?”

“Our investigators have returned from their task, but” The assistant hesitated to continue speaking as he stepped forward walked toward Yu Yuehan.

Seeing the odd reaction from the assistant, Fan Yu raised his eyebrow and demanded, “What’s wrong? Explain it clearly to me.”

“Our people carried out the investigation, but did not manage to find out any information about Nian Xiaomu.” The assistant had a face filled with resignation.

The Fan Corporation might be new in City H, but their prowess was not to be underestimated.

It was unthinkable that they failed to find anything about a person’s background!

This just wasn’t right!

The assistant passed the only bit of information he had to Fan Yu.

“We only managed to find out that Nian Xiaomu attended a nursing course previously. After she graduated, she coincidentally landed a job as a nurse in the Yu Family villa.”

“As for how she managed to join the Yu Corporation and even become the manager of their public relations department, it appears that Yu Yuehan recognized her abilities and gave her the opportunity to rise up in the ranks. The staff in the Yu Corporation were too tight-lipped, so we do not have the details.”

It was clear for all to see how capable Nian Xiaomu was in her work.

Even as an outsider, Fan Yu was aware that Nian Xiaomu was different from other people. Naturally, Yu Yuehan would be able to tell the same since she worked under his leadership.

“What about her family? Has she lived anywhere else before?” Fan Yu walked to his desk, pulled out a chair, and sat down.

He was not interested to know how Nian Xiaomu and Yu Yuehan had gotten to know each other. What he wanted to find out was whether Nian Xiaomu was his Xiao Liuliu.

Why didn’t she have any reaction when she met him?

“We were unable to find out” the assistant replied meekly. Then, a thought struck him, he lifted his head, and he added, “What we can be certain about is that someone has covered up the information about her background!”

It was impossible to be unable to dig out information about a regular person.

Nian Xiaomu’s background was a mystery only because someone was safeguarding it.

“It must be Yu Yuehan,” said Fan Yu.

In City H, besides Yu Yuehan, he could not think of another person who might do this.

Was Yu Yuehan guarding against him?

“Did you get the roses and chocolates delivered to her?” Fan Yu picked up the documents in front of him as he asked nonchalantly.

The assistant nodded and replied, “Yes, we sent them to her. It seems like Miss Nian was very delighted. She must have liked the presents.”

Hearing this, the sides of Fan Yu’s lips curled upward, and his gaze became warm.

She was still like before. When she was young, even though she had everything she wanted, she would still be thrilled to receive presents from him.