The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 440

Chapter 440 This Is My Boyfriend 2

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Both of them threw a glance at the other and charged forward together!

Nian Xiaomu’s body tightened, and her face revealed a somewhat extraordinary and pale look.

Before her, the snowy view of the streets seemed to have turned into a large, raging fire that was engulfing every single bit of her surroundings

The clusters of flames had surrounded her, and she could not run out of it no matter what!

All of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu could not see anything before her. As she hugged her head with both hands, she squatted down and shouted out painfully, “AHHH!!!”

In the blink of an eye, the two kidnappers had already rushed to her side.

She watched helplessly as the blades in their hands were about to stab into her body.

At this very crucial moment, a handsome figure suddenly stood in front of her and defended her.

He raised his arms and protected her!


As the razor-sharp blade slashed Fan Yu’s arm, bright red blood dripped onto the snow.

Bloody plum flowers blossomed on the snowy ground.

However, Fan Yu did not seem to feel the pain as he drew Nian Xiaomu into his embrace and asked anxiously, “How are you feeling? Are you hurt?”


The person in his embrace was still hugging her own head.

With a painful expression on her face, she stared blankly and appeared to be at a loss.

When she saw that the person who had appeared in front of her was Fan Yu, her jaw dropped, but she could not utter a single word

“Let’s go quick! Quickly!” When the two kidnappers saw that someone had come, the both of them dragged each other and got ready to run away

As Fan Yu stared at the lifeless Nian Xiaomu, he heard the sound of movements coming from behind. All of a sudden, his dark brown eyes turned very chilly.

He turned around coldly and stared at the few people who were planning on running away. As he took a step forward, he reached out and grabbed the leader who was in charge of giving out orders. With a sweeping leg movement, he sent the lead kidnapper crashing directly to the ground and stepped on his chest!

“AHH!!!” The ringleader vomited blood instantly from the stomps he had received.

One by one, Fan Yu dealt with remaining few who had wanted to run away.

All of them ended up twitching on the ground!

Fan Yu had called the police, so help would arrive soon.

However, he could not be bothered with others. Instead, he walked directly toward Nian Xiaomu and looked at her anxiously.

A perplexed look was present in his gaze at the same time.

Just now, two of the men were already lying on the ground when he first showed up.

If Nian Xiaomu was indeed Liuliu, her self-defense skills would have personally been taught by Fan Yu. With the guts that she possessed, she wouldn’t have been frightened to such an extent even if the odds of success in a one versus four situation were uncertain.

Fan Yu frowned. Just when he wanted to say something, he realized that her gaze was fixated on his injured arm.

He had lost quite a lot of blood even though the cut wasn’t very deep.

Even though the wound had already been briefly taken care of, one would still feel apprehensive when they saw the dried blood stains.

“Was it painful?”

She reached her hand out carefully and pointed at his arm.

Fan Yu heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that she had finally spoken and replied, “It’s just a minor wound. Let’s talk about you instead. How did you get yourself involved with those ruffians?”

“” Nian Xiaomu withdrew herself from thinking about the image that had flashed through her head.

She still looked a little helpless.

Unfamiliar images had always popped up in her mind, but no matter what, she could not see them clearly.

The more she thought about them, the more her head hurt.

She decided not to think about them first. Lifting her head up, she looked at Fan Yu.

“I don’t know either. I wanted to head to the office, but the taxi driver suddenly drove me here”

She did not know any of the four kidnappers.

If Fan Yu had not stood in front of her and defended her earlier, she would have been the one who was currently injured.

She had always treated Fan Yu as her competitor, but he had just saved her.

The scene of him disregarding everything and using his body as a shield for her was still wavering in Nian Xiaomu’s mind.

Pursing her lips, she said, “Umm, you will need to bandage the wound on your arm. I’ll accompany you to the hospital!”