The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 443

Chapter 443 Blind Date 1

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Lowering her head, Nian Xiaomu searched her bag and took out her cell phone. She realized that her cell phone had been set to silent mode.

The scores of missed calls displayed on the phone screen were all made after she had sent him the text message

Nian Xiaomu chuckled awkwardly. As she thought of Fan Yu, who was still sitting across from her, the quick-witted Nian Xiaomu shifted the topic promptly to maintain her goddess-like image.

“Fan Yu saved me just now. I was in a hurry to send him to the hospital because he was injured.”

It would have been better if Nian Xiaomu had not mentioned this at all. The moment she brought up the subject, Yu Yuehan’s face turned even darker.

Apart from blaming himself for not doing his job to protect her, he was also feeling gloomy about the fact that Fan Yu was actually the one who had saved her.

His thin lips wavered, opening for one moment and closing in the other. Just when he wanted to speak, the person beside him hooked her arms around him. With a smiling expression, she turned around, looked at Fan Yu, and said, “This is my boyfriend, Yu Yuehan. The one that I mentioned just now.”

“” The depressing feeling in Yu Yuehan’s chest vanished instantly without a trace.

What was more comfortable than hearing his own girlfriend introduce him in a tone that indicated “this is my dearest baby?”

What was with the hint of arrogance in her tone though?

She sounded like she had picked up a treasure and didn’t behave a single bit like a reserved lady.

It was okay, however. He liked her exactly like this!

Yu Yuehan held her waist gently in his arms and extended his hand toward Fan Yu unhurriedly.

“I haven’t thanked Young Master Fan for your help this time. I owe you for this matter and will certainly repay you if there is a chance in the future.

From his words, it seemed like he was swearing on sovereignty.

Fan Yu’s expression was a little ugly. As his gentle gaze wavered, he shook Yu Yuehan’s hand.

“Young Master Han, your every word carries weight. However, since the person that I saved wasn’t you, I definitely wouldn’t dare to accept your debt of gratitude.”

The upright bodies of these two outstanding men stood facing each other.

Even when they were just standing there, their auras were completely spread out, and they prevented others from approaching.

They were silently matching each other’s strength as they grasped each other’s hands during the handshake.

Nian Xiaomu stood with them for a while, then sat down impatiently. With a glass of water in her hand, she mumbled, “How can two men maintain such a long handshake. They better not be interested in each other. Otherwise, I am going to lose my boyfriend”

Both men released their grips at the same time right after she finished her sentence.

Both of them sent an annoyed glance at the other before pulling their chairs out and sitting down.

With Yu Yuehan around, Fan Yu would never get an answer to any of his questions.

When the time it took to drink a cup of coffee was up, Fan Yu raised his arm, took a glance at his wristwatch, and said, “I’ll leave first. I have something to settle at my company.”

“Your medicine!” Nian Xiaomu rapidly passed him the bag in her hand and subconsciously reminded him about it.

“The wound will take a few days to heal. The nurse told you to keep the wound dry and to abstain from certain foods. You should consume less seafood and alcohol. It would also be good if you can lower your coffee intake. Oh yes, be careful not to use too much strength when you are changing the dressing in case the wound reopens. Also”

Before Nian Xiaomu could finish what she wanted to say, a big hand suddenly pressed on her head.

Yu Yuehan shot a chilly glance at her and took over the speaking.

“Young Master Fan is not a child anymore. Others might have suspicions about his IQ if you are so long-winded.”

Nian Xiaomu: “!”

Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows. Looking at Fan Yu, he said, “My girlfriend has a kind heart and also treats animals very well. Young Master Fan, please don’t take it to heart.”

“No worries. I like it very much.” The words spoken by Fan Yu had a double meaning behind them.

A smile curled up at the corner of his mouth only after he saw Yu Yuehan’s face begin to sink. Following which, Fan Yu strolled out and left.

In the cafe.

Only the two of them were left.

As Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses, she pursed her lips and tugged on the sleeve of his shirt carefully, saying, “Erm, my occupational habits got the better of me just now”