The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Round after round

When Yu Yuehan came down from upstairs, his face was rather cold.

His head was still filled with thoughts about how Nian Xiaomu was going to answer Xiao Liuliu's question. In the end, before he could hear the answer, they were interrupted by Cheng Xiulu barging in.

At this moment, his eyes shone like a burning torch. He turned slowly to look at Nian Xiaomu, but did not rush to speak.

If she wanted to prove her innocence, then she would have to beg him for help.

He had thought that she would be a bundle of nerves, but what he saw was only a pair of stubborn eyes.

"Even if the hair clip was found in my room, that doesn't prove that I stole it. I remember that when I returned from the courtyard, the butler asked me to go upstairs directly. I have been in Young Master's room all this time and did not come out. Both the butler and Young Master are my alibis," Nian Xiaomu straightened her back and retorted with great confidence.

"... You still dare to come up with excuses?!" Cheng Xiulu had not expected that Yu Yuehan would be coincidentally implicated in this matter and slipped into panic mode.

However, she was well-prepared for this, so she quickly calmed herself down.

"Oh, you make it sound so perfect that the butler had asked you to go upstairs once you returned. When the butler saw you, who knows if that was the first time you came back? Maybe you had hidden the hair clip first before pretending to come back from outside."

Cheng Xiulu turned to speak, her manner aggressive and domineering.

"Butler, can you tell us that you guarantee that she had not secretly entered her room to hide something before you saw her?"

"This..." The butler was stunned and did not what to say.

He turned to look at Yu Yuehan for direction, but was unable to find any indication of what he was expected to say.

He could only speak the truth and said, "There is a CCTV at the entrance of the villa. We could check it to find out if Nian Xiaomu had secretly entered the room..."

"Can the CCTV show you that even if she had not secretly entered the room, she might have thrown the jacket that was hiding the hair clip through the window into the room from the outside?" Cheng Xiulu stood with arms akimbo, but it felt as if she was poking the butler's forehead with her fingers.

"Did Nian Xiaomu bribe you to speak up for her?"

The butler crouched in shock. "Madam, definitely not!"

"You wouldn't dare!" Cheng Xiulu saw that the butler did not speak anymore and turned to Nian Xiaomu in satisfaction. "What else do you have to say now?"

"Does Madam mean to say that I have to be the thief if the hair clip was found in my room?" asked Nian Xiaomu casually as she placed her hands in her pockets.

It was a very simple gesture, but when she did it, it was so pleasing to the eye that one could not help but look on.

Cheng Xiulu's eyes turned sinister. This kind of woman would surely ruin her plans if she continued to stay in the Yu villa!

"If it's not you, then who could it be!"

When Nian Xiaomu heard her speak, she looked up and replied, "According to Madam's theory, I could also say that Madam had planted the hair clip in my jacket when you sent someone to search my room. After all, anything that isn't captured on the CCTV could be true."

"You..." Cheng Xiulu turned to look at Yu Yuehan. He did not speak, but his eyes were filled with impatience.

This matter had to be resolved speedily.

"You want proof, right? Fine, I will prove it to you. We just need to send the hair clip for fingerprint testing. Then, the truth will be out!"


When she spoke, Nian Xiaomu's face changed slightly.

She recalled that she had helped Cheng Xiulu put on the hair clip in the small courtyard earlier.

Looking up, she saw that Cheng Xiulu had already passed the hair clip to the butler, asking him to immediately send it for testing.

"You don't have to do that. I did touch that hair clip earlier!"