The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Coax Me Nian Xiaomu 4

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Yu Yuehan’s honorable figure strolled in under the focus of everyone.

His black suit set off his defined and perfectly shaped face; he looked extremely charming.

Every strand of his short black hair swayed clearly in the air.

As he raised his chin slightly, one couldn’t help but feel a sense of timidness when seeing the sharp look that his dark gaze emitted.

It did not matter if they were virtuous ladies of blue blood or daughters from rich familiesall of those present shrieked out loud at almost the same time.

They spontaneously inched closer to where he was at.

The situation that was previously quite orderly had instantly started bustling with excitement!

Wen Yadai could not restrain the look of admiration in her eyes as she tried her best to squeeze to the front of the crowd in hopes of getting near him.

Just when she got a little closer to him, she noticed Nian Xiaomu, who was standing by his side.

Yu Yuehan did not take a single glance at the people around him; he had been staring at Nian Xiaomu right from the start with a gaze that was filled with deep love.

He was holding her hand tightly with their fingers interlocked.

Wen Yadai paused in her steps as the expression on her face instantly los tits composure.

She wanted to head forward and tear both their hands apart so badly!

Just when she took her first step forward, a hand suddenly wrapped around her waist and pulled her backward.

Wen Yadai lost her balance and fell directly into this person’s chest.

Just when she was about to fly into a rage, a giddy voice sounded beside her ear and asked, “Are you the woman that my family got for me? You are rather good looking”

As the man spoke, his hands roamed around her waist.

Wen Yadai recognized the man in front of her as An Li, a man who had an ordinary appearance and was behaving frivolously. Without a second word, she slapped his hands away.

“Behave yourself!’

She was a little agitated and did not lower the volume of her voice.

At this moment, a few of the people around her looked in her direction.

An Li was aware of his embarrassment, and his expression turned dull.

“Don’t act so noble and virtuous. Yy (TLC. Not sure if this should be “My” or “Your”) daddy has shown a liking for you, and this is an honor for the Wen Family. You can prepare to suffer if you anger me!”


From a young age, Wen Yadai had never received such treatment.

She was so angry that her heart palpitated violently, but she couldn’t utter a single word to scold him.

From the corner of her eye, she saw that Yu Yuehan had already brought Nian Xiaomu into the auction venue. Anxious, she was about to follow them in when she suddenly remembered that she had not brought an admission ticket.

The Wen Family was worried that she would disobey them and had confiscated all of her valuable jewelry.

She had come here empty-handed.

She needed to donate a gift if she wanted to enter the auction venue. Otherwise, someone would have to bring her in

In a situation like this, even though Wen Yadai did not fancy him, only An Li could help her!

Narrowing her eyes, she held back all of her emotions and tried her best to flash a smile.

“Young Master An, you’ve misunderstood. I behaved that way just now because I didn’t manage to recognize you in time”

She hooked her arm around An Li’s arm as she spoke.

“Young Master An, the auction is about to begin. Let’s hurry and enter the venue!”

When An Li heard that, he turned around and took a glance at her; his perverted gaze skimmed over her face that was touched up with delicate makeup.

Following which, a pleased look curled up on his face, and he pointed at his lips with his finger.

“It’s possible for me to stop being angry. Come, kiss me here.”


The arm that Wen Yadai used to hook his arm froze, and her face scrunched up completely.

She had saved her first kiss all for Young Master Han.

But now she would not even get a chance to see Yu Yuehan if she did not agree to this.

Wen Yadai gritted her teeth and shut her eyes. Leaning forward, she brushed past his lips lightlyas the incoming smell of cigarettes and liquor collided into her face, she retched and nearly puked!

She suppressed her feelings of disgust and followed An Li into the auction venue.

The moment they entered, she saw both Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu. The two of them were sitting in the very first row!