The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 451

Chapter 451 The Goddess Is Black Bellied Too 1

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The two of them were leaning against each other. Yu Yuehan’s hand was holding Nian Xiaomu’s hand tightly.

It appeared that he did not wish to be apart from her for even one second. Everyone around them started to look over at them

However, no one dared to approach them even though they were dying to find out more.

Yu Yuehan’s reputation was well-known, his status was distinguished, and he stayed away from women.

All this time, not a single woman had been able to get close to him.

Long ago, there was a Wen Yadai who often appeared next to him, but did not provoke his ire.

However, that Wen Yadai had now been kicked out of the Yu Corporation.

Instead, there was now a Nian Xiaomu seen by his side who he doted upon like a treasure

At the auction venue, many people looked at Wen Yadai with sympathy

Wen Yadai had always felt that she was one up compared to her peers because she had been closer to Yu Yuehan ever since their childhood days.

Now that she had landed in a pitiful plight in the eyes of other people, she clenched her fists in indignation and glared at Nian Xiaomu with a look of vengeance.

“Don’t just stand around blankly. Follow me closely and don’t make me lose face!” When An Li saw that she was in a daze, he frowned irately.

Wen Yadai: “”

Chided by a good-for-nothing, Wen Yadai was filled with annoyance, but she did not dare to refute a word and obediently followed him more closely.

Although the An Family could not match up to the other large families, it seemed that the organizational committee for the charity had found out that the An Family and the Yu Corporation were working together, so they arranged front row seats for An Li.

Even if their corner seats could not be compared to Yu Yuehan’s prime seats right in the center of the first row, this was already a form of acknowledgment for the An Family.

Seeing this, An Li was naturally thrilled and delighted.

He reached out to grab Wen Yadai by the waist and kissed her, exposing his yellow teeth as he gloated, “See that? With my kind of status now, even your father will have to bow to me when he sees me! You ought to be grateful that I am willing to dote on you!”

“” When Wen Yadai was suddenly taken advantage of, she nervously turned to look at Yu Yuehan, worried that he would see her this way, yet wishing that he would witness what had happened to her.

They had grown up together. If he knew her current situation, he surely would not leave her be and might even feel sorry for her

However, all she saw was Yu Yuehan clutching Nian Xiaomu’s hand and stroking her palm.

Then, in the middle of their conversation, he turned his head slightly and leaned over to whisper into her ear.

Immediately, Nian Xiaomu turned red and poked him in the chest

The sight of them and their loving banter was like a slap to Wen Yadai’s face!

While the people at the back couldn’t see it, the people sitting at the front were stunned by what they were seeing, but they had to maintain a face of calm.

Suddenly, it felt like the charity auction had become a show of public affection!!

Thankfully, the emcee stepped forward and went up to the stage to announce the commencement of the auction.

“A warm welcome to all of our distinguished guests for attending the charity auction tonight. We will soon be presenting the donated items. Regardless of the amount raised tonight, we will donate all of it to charity and do our part to help those in need!”

The audience gave a resounding round of applause at the emcee’s words.

Nian Xiaomu looked around her and wondered why Fan Yu was not present at such a grand charity auction.

Surely it was not because the injury on his arm had not healed

As she remained in a daze, the man next to her suddenly leaned over and asked, “What are you thinking about?”