The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 452

Chapter 452 The Goddess Is Black Bellied Too 2

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Thinking about Fan Yu.She would never have the guts to say this sentence out loud even if it rotted in her stomach!

Nian Xiaomu straightened her back guiltily and stuttered, “N-nothing. I was just wondering if Xiao Liuliu would listen to the butler and go to bed on time since we are all out.”

At the mention of his little princess, Yu Yuehan’s expression turned gentle as he reached his hand out lovingly and stroked her tiny head.

“Don’t worry, Xiao Liuliu is more obedient than you.”

Nian Xiaomu: “”

Forget it! It was one thing if he wanted to praise Xiao Liuliu, but he still took advantage and spoke sarcastically to her. Did he not want a girlfriend anymore?

Nian Xiaomu used the the tip of her tongue and pushed it against her upper jaw. Just when her cheeks were about to puff up, she heard his deep voice ringing in her ears again.

“If there is any item that you like, bid for ittreat it as a gift from me.”



Why would he ask his girlfriend to choose her own gift?

Deep inside, Nian Xiaomu felt very pleased even though she kept grumbling in her heart.

He did try to appease her at the very least.

She couldn’t set very high expectations for an iceberg!

The first item to be auctioned was a pair of diamond stud earrings.

There were quite a lot of people fighting for it the moment the bidding started.

Very soon, it was purchased by someone at a price of two million yuan.

Nian Xiaomu was dumbfounded.

People were fighting so crazily just for a pair of diamond stud earringshow insane would the situation be later on when it was time to auction the diamond necklace that Yu Yuehan had donated?

“You’re thinking too much.” All of a sudden, Yu Yuehan reached out and pinched her cheeks when he noticed her shocked expression.

As he met her blank gaze, he explained to her patiently.

“The bidding starts from the lowest priced item for today’s auction. It would be more affordable for the mediocre families and enterprises if they placed their bids now”

The price of the auctioned items would get higher and higher nearing the end of the program.

Only the top-notch families would be able to compete and bid for those items.

He was here today for a very special reason

As Yu Yuehan collected his gaze, he picked up Nian Xiaomu’s hand and placed it in his palm.

It looked as if he was just playing with her fingertip aimlessly, but upon closer look, his long fingers were sliding around her ring finger, and he seemed to be measuring the size of it.

Nian Xiaomu was suddenly enlightened as she listened to his explanation.

As she shifted her gaze toward the auction stage again, a few unfamiliar images suddenly flashed past her eyes.

Everything that Yu Yuehan had said to her just now sounded beside her ears again.

It seemed like someone else had also told her this once before, but she had forgotten all about it

Reaching out, Nian Xiaomu pressed her hand against her forehead as her mind went blank for a moment.

Before she could return to her senses, another round of bidding had already started on the auction stage.

Nian Xiaomu shook off the strange thoughts in her head and tried to calm herself down.

She stopped those unnecessary thoughts of hers. As she lifted her head up directly, she happened to see the host carrying the latest auction item onto the stage.

It was a very unique gem brooch.

It had a lingering charm and seemed to have a hint of a period feel with its grandmother-green color.

It wouldn’t be suitable for young people, but it would be nice if an elderly person wore it.

Nian Xiaomu couldn’t help it and picked up the bidding paddle when she saw the excellent quality of the gem that was mounted on the brooch.

“500 thousand.”

Everyone present quieted down instantly the moment they heard Nian Xiaomu’s bidding price.

All of them were speculating if it was Yu Yuehan or her that wanted it.

For a short period of time, no one actually had the guts to fight over it.

Yu Yuehan noticed that she hadn’t been talking and assumed that she wasn’t very interested in the auction. As such, he couldn’t help it either and took a sideways glance at her when she suddenly raised the paddle.

This brooch wasn’t suitable for her.

“It’s for your grandma.” As Nian Xiaomu met his dark gaze, the corners of her lips curved up and her eyes turned into arches from smiling.