The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 454

Chapter 454 The Goddess Is Black Bellied Too 4

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The expression in Wen Yadai’s eyes turned sinister when she saw this sight.

Her head was swarmed with jealously, and only one thought remained: to embarrass Nian Xiaomu!

When she heard that Nian Xiaomu had called out a bid of two million, she called out a bid of three million without hesitation!

“Three million, going once!”

“Three million, going twice!”

The host held a tiny hammer, and his resonant voice flowed clearly into every corner of the auction venue.

As Wen Yadai raised her eyebrows with a pleased look, a ray of mocking light flickered in her eyes as she stared at Nian Xiaomu arrogantly.


Nian Xiaomu’s eyes narrowed slightly when she saw that.

The expression in her eyes became annoyed.

She had an ominous premonition the moment she saw that Wen Yadai was the one bidding against her.

She had continued to bid against Wen Yadai because she really liked that brooch. At the same time, she was also planning to fulfill her filial duty by purchasing a present for Matriarch Yu.

However, she was an expert when it came to gems, so she knew that the value of the brooch had already reached its limit at three million yuan.

It would be a loss to every party if they continued the bid.

That was why she had paused her bidding.

However, a burst of anger rose in her chest when she saw how Wen Yadai was purposely picking on her

Just when the host was about to end the bidding with the final hammer, Nian Xiaomu suddenly opened her mouth and called out, “Four million!”

“Hooh.” Gasps that were filled with shock rippled through the crowd once more when this bid was placed.

It wasn’t because of the high price.

It was because everyone could see that this was a competition between two women.

Wen Yadai was taken aback and realized that everyone was staring at her and Nian Xiaomu.

How could she lose?

She grabbed the bidding paddle, raised it up, and declared, “Five million!”

“Six million!”

“Seven million!”

“Eight million!’


The bids that were placed by the both of them were getting higher and higher.

Both of them seemed to be dominated by impulse and had totally forgotten that it was merely a brooch.

The atmosphere in the venue turned more and more intense.

Everyone was holding their breath as they waited for the one who would emerge victorious

However, the two of them who were in the middle of bidding appeared to be possessed by demons and only had eyes for the brooch.

Or rather, Wen Yadai was the only one who was possessed.

As Nian Xiaomu continued to bid against her, Wen Yadai seemed to have gone crazy and kept on increasing the bidding price. All of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu raised the paddle up when she felt that it was about time.

“10 million!”

Due to the force of inertia, Wen Yadai blurted out, “20 million!”

At first, she still had not realized that anything was amiss after calling out this bid.

All of a sudden, she felt a gust of chilliness rise up from her feet when she finally snapped back to her senses.

Only a fool would purchase the brooch at the cost of 20 million yuan!

In the past, she would have simply gritted her teeth and purchased it anyway if she could embarrass Nian Xiaomu by doing so.

However, times had changed.

She didn’t even have that much cash on hand at the moment.

Her father might just kill her if she managed to successfully bid for the brooch!

At the thought of this, Wen Yadai suddenly looked at Nian Xiaomu nervously and waited for her to continue bidding.

As long as she called out another price, Wen Yadai could simply throw this hot potato back to her!

However, after waiting for a while, Wen Yadai did not hear Nian Xiaomu say anything. Instead, the host had already knocked twice with the tiny wooden hammer.

The brooch would be hers if no one else bid a higher price

As Wen Yadai’s knees turned wobbly, she nearly lost her balance.

When she turned around and looked at Nian Xiaomu, she saw that Nian Xiaomu had already placed the bidding paddle down straightforwardly and was glancing at her with a relaxed look.

Like the mocking expression that Wen Yadai had directed at her previously, Nian Xiaomu returned the favor by looking at Wen Yadai derisively.

“20 million! Sold!”

After the host hammered down for the final time, Wen Yadai could no longer hold out and fell back into her chair.

Her face turned ghastly pale in an instant.

She had finally realized that she had fallen into Nian Xiaomu’s trap.

Nian Xiaomu had long since decided to give up on that brooch

When Wen Yadai lifted up her head again, the impressed gazes that the crowd had previously looked at her with were long gone. All that remained were looks of mockery.

They were mocking her for being a fool.

She had actually spent 20 million yuan to purchase a stupid brooch